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* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to 770acb3f9f6e66f231f971a98b690d87eb6cbfdb
  - Merge "Change DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory to take CameraInfo" into androidx-master-dev
  - Change DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory to take CameraInfo
    The DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory takes in a CameraInfo so that it
    does not need to use the CameraX singleton to query for the the
    CameraInfo using the CameraSelector. This makes it so the factory does
    not need to rely upon some global state and makes it much easier to
    reason about the relationship between which Camera the factory is
    generating points for so that ambiguity will be removed.
    PreviewViewMeteringPointFactory methods that take in a CameraInfo
    instead a CameraSelector instead.
    The PreviewView will no longer require taking a CameraSelector for
    retrieving the MeteringPointFactory, but will instead retrieve it based
    on the currently attached camera.
    Removed CameraX singleton dependency in
    DisplayOrientedMeterinPointFactoryTest and
    Relnote: "DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory takes in a CameraInfo
    instance instead of a CameraSelector so there is a direct mapping to
    which Camera the factory will be generating points for. All classes
    which use DisplayOrientedMeteringPointFactory also take in a CameraInfo
    instance instead of CameraSelector."
    Bug: b/162265893
    Test: test class of modified files
    Change-Id: I400c16899037e29fd37d6cf6faaa87ed70188de1
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