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* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to 78f3937f32064da016e779f2957a6aff07e5c719
  - Merge "Controller: rebind use cases if scale type changes" into androidx-master-dev
  - Controller: rebind use cases if scale type changes
    The #setScaleType call no longer takes immediate effect once viewport is used. The reason is that the crop rect needs to be calculated across all use cases, so the preview needs to be bound again to get the correct crop rect.
    Notify controller to rebind all use cases. Also updated javadoc.
    Bug: 175232804
    Test: manual test and ./gradlew bOS
    Change-Id: I20944b96d5d10bba5d4fdc31e3a595e6d2203779
1 file changed