Update git submodules

* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to f2e05c341382db64d127118a13451dcaa554b702
  - Merge "Add the camera-camera2-pipe-testing project." into androidx-master-dev
  - Add the camera-camera2-pipe-testing project.
    This creates an artifact to share test runners and fake objects that
    can be shared between other artifacts that use the CameraPipe library.
    - Created camera/camera-camera2-pipe-testing/ package.
    - Migrate FakeMetadata.kt and tests
    - Migrate CameraPipeRobolectricTestRunner.kt and tests
    - Update dependencies for the camera/camera-camera2-pipe package.
    Test: ./gradlew :camera:camera-camera2-pipe:test
          ./gradlew :camera:camera-camera2-pipe:ktlint
    Test: ./gradlew :camera:camera-camera2-pipe-testing:test
          ./gradlew :camera:camera-camera2-pipe-testing:ktlint
    Change-Id: Ieb709efcd8031c9f2452f7a8be36daa5d72e71c4
1 file changed