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* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to 57ddff8898c345b0e0cd2fd818a6ad4cbb9436e2
  - Merge "Avoid calling execute in layout / draw passes" into androidx-master-dev
  - Avoid calling execute in layout / draw passes
    The previous behavior of onStartEnterTransition()
    would schedule a commit for the next frame, which
    avoiding executing transitions in the middle of
    a layout or draw pass (such as when the developer
    calls startPostponedEnterTransition() from a
    doOnPreDraw lambda).
    We need to do the same post when calling
    executePendingOperations() so as to avoid visual
    artifacts (the fragments appearing in their final state
    for a single frame before the transition begins).
    By tracking whether callStartTransitionListener()
    was called directly or whether it was posted, we
    can ensure that we are calling markPostponedState()
    as soon as possible and calling executePendingOperations()
    as early as is safe.
    Test: tested in sample app, existing tests pass
    BUG: 162829603
    Change-Id: I625d829ae89d6e613ef8cb85c3fc25ac5ce5d42e
1 file changed