Adding scan function before DUT connected

The expected connection time(10 seconds) is too short if we want to wait DUT scan automatically and connect to network.
You can add start_wifi_connection_scan_and_return_status before wait_for_connect before connected to trigger scan manually.

Bug: 134550860
Test: Local test 30 cycles passed

Change-Id: I37998ce444b775b936c7ffb8998cb94b7e6cf065
diff --git a/acts/tests/google/wifi/ b/acts/tests/google/wifi/
index df68e1e..5cb2776 100755
--- a/acts/tests/google/wifi/
+++ b/acts/tests/google/wifi/
@@ -127,6 +127,7 @@
         # Enable suggestions by the app.
         self.dut.log.debug("Enabling suggestions from test");
+        wutils.start_wifi_connection_scan_and_return_status(self.dut)
         wutils.wait_for_connect(self.dut, expected_ssid)
         if expect_post_connection_broadcast is None: