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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2016 - The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
import copy
import itertools
import os
import sys
from builtins import str
import mobly.config_parser as mobly_config_parser
from acts import keys
from acts import utils
# An environment variable defining the base location for ACTS logs.
# An environment variable that enables test case failures to log stack traces.
# An environment variable defining the test search paths for ACTS.
class ActsConfigError(Exception):
"""Raised when there is a problem in test configuration file."""
def _validate_test_config(test_config):
"""Validates the raw configuration loaded from the config file.
Making sure all the required fields exist.
for k in keys.Config.reserved_keys.value:
# TODO(markdr): Remove this continue after merging this with the
# validation done in Mobly's load_test_config_file.
if (k == keys.Config.key_test_paths.value
or k == keys.Config.key_log_path.value):
if k not in test_config:
raise ActsConfigError("Required key %s missing in test config." %
def _validate_testbed_name(name):
"""Validates the name of a test bed.
Since test bed names are used as part of the test run id, it needs to meet
certain requirements.
name: The test bed's name specified in config file.
If the name does not meet any criteria, ActsConfigError is raised.
if not name:
raise ActsConfigError("Test bed names can't be empty.")
if not isinstance(name, str):
raise ActsConfigError("Test bed names have to be string.")
for l in name:
if l not in utils.valid_filename_chars:
raise ActsConfigError(
"Char '%s' is not allowed in test bed names." % l)
def _update_file_paths(config, config_path):
""" Checks if the path entries are valid.
If the file path is invalid, assume it is a relative path and append
that to the config file path.
config : the config object to verify.
config_path : The path to the config file, which can be used to
generate absolute paths from relative paths in configs.
If the file path is invalid, ActsConfigError is raised.
# Check the file_path_keys and update if it is a relative path.
for file_path_key in keys.Config.file_path_keys.value:
if file_path_key in config:
config_file = config[file_path_key]
if type(config_file) is str:
if not os.path.isfile(config_file):
config_file = os.path.join(config_path, config_file)
if not os.path.isfile(config_file):
raise ActsConfigError(
"Unable to load config %s from test "
"config file.", config_file)
config[file_path_key] = config_file
def _validate_testbed_configs(testbed_configs, config_path):
"""Validates the testbed configurations.
testbed_configs: A list of testbed configuration json objects.
config_path : The path to the config file, which can be used to
generate absolute paths from relative paths in configs.
If any part of the configuration is invalid, ActsConfigError is raised.
# Cross checks testbed configs for resource conflicts.
for name, config in testbed_configs.items():
_update_file_paths(config, config_path)
def gen_term_signal_handler(test_runners):
def termination_sig_handler(signal_num, frame):
print('Received sigterm %s.' % signal_num)
for t in test_runners:
return termination_sig_handler
def _parse_one_test_specifier(item):
"""Parse one test specifier from command line input.
item: A string that specifies a test class or test cases in one test
class to run.
A tuple of a string and a list of strings. The string is the test class
name, the list of strings is a list of test case names. The list can be
tokens = item.split(':')
if len(tokens) > 2:
raise ActsConfigError("Syntax error in test specifier %s" % item)
if len(tokens) == 1:
# This should be considered a test class name
test_cls_name = tokens[0]
return test_cls_name, None
elif len(tokens) == 2:
# This should be considered a test class name followed by
# a list of test case names.
test_cls_name, test_case_names = tokens
clean_names = [elem.strip() for elem in test_case_names.split(',')]
return test_cls_name, clean_names
def parse_test_list(test_list):
"""Parse user provided test list into internal format for test_runner.
test_list: A list of test classes/cases.
result = []
for elem in test_list:
return result
def load_test_config_file(test_config_path, tb_filters=None):
"""Processes the test configuration file provided by the user.
Loads the configuration file into a json object, unpacks each testbed
config into its own TestRunConfig object, and validate the configuration in
the process.
test_config_path: Path to the test configuration file.
tb_filters: A subset of test bed names to be pulled from the config
file. If None, then all test beds will be selected.
A list of mobly.config_parser.TestRunConfig objects to be passed to
configs = utils.load_config(test_config_path)
testbeds = configs[keys.Config.key_testbed.value]
if type(testbeds) is list:
tb_dict = dict()
for testbed in testbeds:
tb_dict[testbed[keys.Config.key_testbed_name.value]] = testbed
testbeds = tb_dict
elif type(testbeds) is dict:
# For compatibility, make sure the entry name is the same as
# the testbed's "name" entry
for name, testbed in testbeds.items():
testbed[keys.Config.key_testbed_name.value] = name
if tb_filters:
tbs = {}
for name in tb_filters:
if name in testbeds:
tbs[name] = testbeds[name]
raise ActsConfigError(
'Expected testbed named "%s", but none was found. Check '
'if you have the correct testbed names.' % name)
testbeds = tbs
if (keys.Config.key_log_path.value not in configs
and _ENV_ACTS_LOGPATH in os.environ):
print('Using environment log path: %s' %
configs[keys.Config.key_log_path.value] = os.environ[_ENV_ACTS_LOGPATH]
if (keys.Config.key_test_paths.value not in configs
and _ENV_ACTS_TESTPATHS in os.environ):
print('Using environment test paths: %s' %
value] = os.environ[_ENV_ACTS_TESTPATHS].split(_PATH_SEPARATOR)
if (keys.Config.key_test_failure_tracebacks not in configs
and _ENV_TEST_FAILURE_TRACEBACKS in os.environ):
value] = os.environ[_ENV_TEST_FAILURE_TRACEBACKS]
# TODO: See if there is a better way to do this: b/29836695
config_path, _ = os.path.split(utils.abs_path(test_config_path))
configs[keys.Config.key_config_path.value] = config_path
_validate_testbed_configs(testbeds, config_path)
# Unpack testbeds into separate json objects.
test_run_configs = []
for _, testbed in testbeds.items():
test_run_config = mobly_config_parser.TestRunConfig()
test_run_config.testbed_name = testbed[
test_run_config.controller_configs = testbed
keys.Config.key_test_paths.value] = configs.get(
keys.Config.key_test_paths.value, None)
test_run_config.log_path = configs.get(keys.Config.key_log_path.value,
if test_run_config.log_path is not None:
test_run_config.log_path = utils.abs_path(test_run_config.log_path)
user_param_pairs = []
for item in itertools.chain(configs.items(), testbed.items()):
if item[0] not in keys.Config.reserved_keys.value:
test_run_config.user_params = dict(user_param_pairs)
return test_run_configs
def parse_test_file(fpath):
"""Parses a test file that contains test specifiers.
fpath: A string that is the path to the test file to parse.
A list of strings, each is a test specifier.
with open(fpath, 'r') as f:
tf = []
for line in f:
line = line.strip()
if not line:
if len(tf) and (tf[-1].endswith(':') or tf[-1].endswith(',')):
tf[-1] += line
return tf