Add support for different SdkListItem on BasicJComboBoxCellReader

IntelliJ supports different types of items as part of JComboBox,
described on SdkListItem. We recently started to use SdkReferenceItem
allowing us to don't create a linked jdk.table entry, something
fundamental in the case of macros like #JAVA_HOME. This allowed us to
move away from the hardcoded jdk naming we had for the same purpose.

This change allows us in those cases to be able to return properly
the value of the cell, instead of avoiding processing SdkListItem
as text, and unable to return its value.

Bug: 263797479
Test: StudioDefaultJDKTest and existing
Change-Id: I39e3da009eafb424c3afb1b659bb1dc7d75de62b
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