make pressAndReleaseKeys non-final

Test code elsewhere would like to extend fixture methods in order
to insert calls to waitForIdle().  Methods on JTextComponentFixture
are fine, but the AbstractComponentFixture for some reason defines
its methods as final.

This CL makes the minimal change for ag/7088761 to work, but if this
CL is right in principle then many more of the methods should probably
have their `final' modifier removed

Test: extension of test framework, used in tests
Bug: 127954783
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This project provides a simple and intuitive API for functional testing of Swing user interfaces, resulting in tests that are compact, easy to write, and read like a specification. Tests written using FEST-Swing are also robust. FEST simulates actual user gestures at the operating system level, ensuring that the application will behave correctly in front of the user. It also provides a reliable mechanism for GUI component lookup that ensures that changes in the GUI's layout or look-and-feel will not break your tests.

For more details please visit FEST's home page.