Run JTree row queries on EDT

com.intellij.ui.tree.ui.DispatchThreadValidator does not allow
background threads to handle Swing components, so move the getRowCount()
to EDT instead.

Bug: 138841377
Test: LayoutInspectorTest
Change-Id: I925d0b0fc64d239246837ded0f8335a67e8d3781
1 file changed
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This project provides a simple and intuitive API for functional testing of Swing user interfaces, resulting in tests that are compact, easy to write, and read like a specification. Tests written using FEST-Swing are also robust. FEST simulates actual user gestures at the operating system level, ensuring that the application will behave correctly in front of the user. It also provides a reliable mechanism for GUI component lookup that ensures that changes in the GUI's layout or look-and-feel will not break your tests.

For more details please visit FEST's home page.