Moves bundled dependencies to plugin def

This change moves the bundled library dependencies
from being defined on each module to the plugin definition.

Additionally this change introduces the same check for libraries
than the one we have for modules: If a module needs a library
dependency, then plugin layout is used to verify that the dependency
is satisfied in production.

Test: Added check at build time
Bug: 179064916
Change-Id: I93ecc0691138275b10a7062455c0586bfdec0972
diff --git a/fest-swing/BUILD b/fest-swing/BUILD
index e818be6..03017b2 100644
--- a/fest-swing/BUILD
+++ b/fest-swing/BUILD
@@ -4,11 +4,6 @@
     name = "fest-swing",
     srcs = ["src/main/java"],
-    bundled_deps = [
-        "//tools/swing-testing/fest-swing/lib:fest-reflect-2.0-SNAPSHOT",
-        "//tools/swing-testing/fest-swing/lib:fest",
-        "//tools/swing-testing/fest-swing/lib:jcip-annotations-1.0-1",
-    ],
     iml_files = ["fest-swing.iml"],
     javacopts = ["-XepAllErrorsAsWarnings"],
     visibility = ["//visibility:public"],