Moves bundled dependencies to plugin def

This change moves the bundled library dependencies
from being defined on each module to the plugin definition.

Additionally this change introduces the same check for libraries
than the one we have for modules: If a module needs a library
dependency, then plugin layout is used to verify that the dependency
is satisfied in production.

Test: Added check at build time
Bug: 179064916
Change-Id: I93ecc0691138275b10a7062455c0586bfdec0972
1 file changed
tree: e2e23d7107556138be85174e21b39e921f2f2e7d
  1. fest-swing/
  2. fest-swing-junit/
  3. fest-swing-junit-4.3.1/
  4. fest-swing-junit-4.5/
  5. fest-swing-testng/

This project provides a simple and intuitive API for functional testing of Swing user interfaces, resulting in tests that are compact, easy to write, and read like a specification. Tests written using FEST-Swing are also robust. FEST simulates actual user gestures at the operating system level, ensuring that the application will behave correctly in front of the user. It also provides a reliable mechanism for GUI component lookup that ensures that changes in the GUI's layout or look-and-feel will not break your tests.

For more details please visit FEST's home page.