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app.indexing.code.insert.error.title=App Indexing Code Insert Error
app.indexing.code.insert.not.activity.file=Currently opened file doesn't contain activity class, please navigate to activity java file first't find activity class in current opened java file or the activity class already has app indexing api usage
app.indexing.code.insert.dependency.missing.error=Dependency for App Indexing api is missing failed for unknown reason APK failed APK failed Indexing Search preview failed sign in error. Please try again later., please try again later. Were currently unable to check for errors in your latest released apk version. not found, please try again later. Were currently unable to check for errors in your latest released apk version. URLs are not supported. Make sure your Android manifest uses HTTP URLs and intent filters to reach specific content inside your app can't find your URL in the index. Check for correct formatting and provide at least one HTTP/HTTPS scheme URL did not find App content associated with the URL can't find the Android Application Package (APK) in the Play Store. Make sure you register your application and submit the APK to Google Play. get package ID, please make sure you selected the correct module. removed from index. We typically do this when users can't find what what they are looking for on your app page. did not index the URL due to an error are {0} URIs that can't be resolved by your app. see the unresolved URIs local to your device, click the button below to the Firebase App Indexing developer tool under Settings > Google. are making an average of {0} daily calls per device which seems too high. the FirebaseAppIndex.getInstance().update() call in your code. Action.Builder.Metadata.setUpload(false) is missing from the Action objects for actions on personal content. default, user actions are uploaded to Google servers (with the user's consent). isn’t called correctly. shouldn\'t be called in a background task or to index all your app content. Only call that method when logging user actions. See our docs for details on adding <a href=''>public</a> and <a href=''>personal</a> app content to the index. app content isn’t indexed properly. can index your app URL, no errors were found in your latest released app. more see result preview
app.indexing.code.insert.dialog.ok.button=Insert Code
app.indexing.code.insert.dialog.title=Select an activity to insert code into
app.indexing.code.insert.error.non_java_file=Can't insert code into a non-Java file.
app.indexing.code.insert.error.java_file_without_activity=Can't insert code into a Java file that doesn't have an Activity class definition.
app.indexing.code.insert.error.deep_link_missing=Can't find any activity with a valid app link. To create one, follow step 3 in the Firebase App Indexing Assistant workflow.
app.indexing.code.insert.error.dependency_missing=The App Indexing library is missing. To add it, follow step 2 in the Firebase App Indexing Assistant workflow.
app.indexing.code.insert.error.api_exists=The App Indexing API is already being called in this activity, so the duplicate code could not be added.
app.indexing.login.warning.message=Sign in with your Google account to test App Indexing
app.indexing.module.not.provided.warning.message=Module not provided
app.indexing.check.error.dialog.title=Check App Indexing Errors
app.indexing.url.not.provided=URL not provided Developer Tool couldn't open the developer tool. Make sure your device is connected properly, USB debugging is enabled, and that you're using the latest version of GMS core. <a href=''>Learn more</a>