Merge "Tidy the hwtrust tool's subcommand help text" into main
diff --git a/remote_provisioning/hwtrust/src/ b/remote_provisioning/hwtrust/src/
index 366ade6..12df265 100644
--- a/remote_provisioning/hwtrust/src/
+++ b/remote_provisioning/hwtrust/src/
@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
 enum Action {
+    /// Deprecated alias of dice-chain
@@ -47,8 +48,9 @@
-/// Parse and verify a CSR, as gnerated by the rkp_factory_extraction_tool. "v1" CSRs are also
-/// decrypted using the factory EEK.
+/// Verify a CSR generated by the rkp_factory_extraction_tool
+/// "v1" CSRs are also decrypted using the factory EEK.
 struct FactoryCsrArgs {
     /// Path to a file containing one or more CSRs, in the "csr+json" format as defined by
     /// rkp_factory_extraction_tool. Each line is interpreted as a separate JSON blob containing