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Hardware trust

Reliable trust in a device's hardware is the basis of a growing set of features, for example remote key provisioning.


The library for handling, inspecting and validating data realted to the hardware root-of-trust and the features that rely on it is libhwtrust.


There is a command-line utility that provides easy access to the logic in libhwtrust called hwtrust.

Build it as part of Android with m hwtrust and run hwtrust --help to see a list of its functions.

Alternatively, use Cargo by running cargo run -- --help in this directory to build and run the utility. If the Cargo build has errors, please help to keep it working by sending fixes or reporting the problem. Building as part of Android should always work as a fallback.

Verifying DICE chains

hwtrust can be used to validate that a DICE chain is well-formed and check that the signatures verify correctly. To do so, place the CBOR-encoded DICE chain in a file, e.g. chain.bin, then call the tool.

hwtrust dice-chain chain.bin

The exit code is zero if the chain passed verification and non-zero otherwise.

Verifying Factory Certificate Signing Requests

The rkp_factory_extraction_tool is used in the manufacturing process to capture a “CSR” that contains a full DICE chain and other device properties. The factory-csr subcommand parses and validates the output of rkp_factory_extraction_tool.

hwtrust factory-csr csr.json