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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
This is the plugin file that controls integration into the toolkit.
Each item in the plugin that extends a toolkit function must be listed
here. The only critical component is the catalog file, which must
extend the Toolkit's catalog in order for your files to be processed.
If nothing else is overridden, then the toolkit will use fallback processing.
This plugin implements overrides for XHTML (including Eclipse help) produced
by Motorola Dev Ed.
NOTE: paths in this file are relative to the current directory
(the same directory that includes this file).
<plugin id="com.mot.mdb.deved.xhtml">
<!-- Extend the toolkit's XHTML processing to override XHTML output. -->
<feature extension="dita.xsl.xhtml" value="xsl/deved_xhtml.xsl" type="file"/>
<feature extension="dita.xsl.eclipse.plugin" value="xsl/deved_map2plugin.xsl" type="file"/>
<!-- ************************************************************
Any other extensions to standard toolkit files will be listed here.
For example, to extend the RTF transform:
<feature extension="dita.xsl.rtf" value="xsl/music2rtf.xsl" type="file"/>
To extend the docbook transform:
<feature extension="dita.xsl.docbook" value="xsl/music2rtf.xsl" type="file"/>