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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE reference PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Reference//EN" "../dtd/reference.dtd">
<reference id="u_sign-keystore-backup" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Keystores Backup dialog</title>
<shortdesc>Allows you to easily back up one or more keystores to a zip archive.</shortdesc>
<p>This dialog is displayed when you click <image href="../images/KeystoresBackup.png"/> (Back Up Keystores) in
the Signing and Keys view.</p>
<stentry><uicontrol>Backup File</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>The archive (zip) file to which you want to back up your keystore file(s). If you select an existing
file, that file will be overwritten.</stentry>
<stentry>The keystores to be backed up. Select at least one to copy to the archive file. </stentry>