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<reference id="u_sign-create-self-cert" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Create Key dialog</title>
<shortdesc>Allows you to create a new self-signing key for use when signing Android packages (APKs). Contains fields
for the key name (its "alias"), for each of the components of a distinguished name (DN; used to identify the creator
of a key pair or certificate) and for a password used to protect the key.</shortdesc>
<p>This dialog is displayed when you select a keystore and then click <image href="../images/KeyCreate.png"/>
(Create Key) in the Signing and Keys view. The new key will be placed in the selected keystore.</p>
<p>You must supply a value for each of the starred (*) form fields in order to generate the public-private key
<stentry><uicontrol>Alias name</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>A unique name to be given to this key pair. Key pairs are identified by alias within the
<stentry><uicontrol>First and Last Name</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Your name.</stentry>
<stentry>The name of the company you are working for.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>Organization unit</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>The company branch or division you are working for.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>City or Locality</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>The full name of your city or locality. For instance, "New York".</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>State or Province</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Your state or province. This should be a full name. For instance, "California".</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>Country Code (XX)</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Select your country from the list.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>Validity (years)</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>How long (in years) the certificate should be considered valid. </stentry>
<stentry>A password that protects this key. You must supply this password when you use this key to sign an
Android package. Note that if you select <uicontrol>Save this password</uicontrol>, MOTODEV Studio will
remember the password and supply it for you when you use this key to sign a package.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>Confirm Password</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Enter the key password again, to confirm that what you entered is what you intended.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>Save this password</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Select this option if you want MOTODEV Studio to automatically supply the password when you sign
packages with this key. Leave this option unselected if you want MOTODEV Studio to prompt for the password
each time this key is used.</stentry>