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<!DOCTYPE reference PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Reference//EN" "../dtd/reference.dtd">
<reference id="u_sign-create-key-pair" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Create Key Pair dialog</title>
<shortdesc>Contains fields for each of the components of a distinguished name (DN) that identifies you as the person
generating the key pair. </shortdesc>
<p>This dialog is displayed when you click <image href="../images/create-key-pair-button.png"/> (Create Key Pair)
in the Application Signing Tool view.</p>
<p>You must supply a value for each of the form's fields in order to generate the public-private key pair.</p>
<stentry><uicontrol>Alias name</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>A unique name to be given to this key pair. Certificates and key pairs are identified by alias within
the Application Signing Tool.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>First and Last Name</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Your name.</stentry>
<stentry>The name of the company you are working for.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>Organization unit</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>The company branch or division you are working for.</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>City or Locality</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>The full name of your city or locality. For instance, "New York".</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>State or Province</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Your state or province. This should be a full name. For instance, "California".</stentry>
<stentry><uicontrol>Country Code (XX)</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Select your country from the list.</stentry>