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<title>Download Components dialog</title>
<shortdesc>The Download Components dialog allows you to specify or download an SDK, and install support for native
(C/C++) code development. To open this dialog, select <uicontrol>Download components</uicontrol> from the
<uicontrol>MOTODEV</uicontrol> menu.</shortdesc>
<p>The left side of the Download Components dialog lists the types of components you can download and install. (If
you don't see this list in the Download Components dialog, click the <uicontrol>More</uicontrol> button near the
bottom of the dialog.) Selecting a component type alters the right side of the dialog; on this side are listed
those components of the selected type that you have not yet installed. From here you can select individual
components to be installed.</p>
<p>The supported component types are (not all may be listed in the dialog, depending upon component availability):</p>
<stentry>Software development kit (SDK). Use this option to specify an SDK (if you have already downloaded
one) or download one (by clicking <uicontrol>Download</uicontrol>) if you have not. Note that the Android
SDK by itself is not enough to develop with: you will also need one or more platforms. After downloading or
selecting the SDK, use the Android SDK and AVD Manager (which you can access using the link provided below
the SDK Location field) to download platforms. You also use the Android SDK and AVD Manager to update SDKs
and platforms; this dialog is primarily just for new installations to link MOTODEV Studio to the Android
<stentry><uicontrol>Native Support</uicontrol></stentry>
<stentry>Supports native (C/C++) code development, in addition to Java. In order to use this option you must
have separately downloaded and installed the Android NDK. Additionally, the JDK (not just the JRE) must be
installed, and if your development computer is running Microsoft Windows you must have Cygwin installed.
Verify the correct installation and configuration of each before enabling native support in MOTODEV