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<reference id="u_device-screen-capture" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Device Screen Capture view</title>
<shortdesc>The Device Screen Capture view presents a snapshot of a real or emulated device screen. From this dialog
you can save the image as a PNG file or copy it to the clipboard. From this dialog you can also capture additional
screen images from the selected device.</shortdesc>
<p>The Device Screen Capture view appears when you right-click a device in the Device Management view (either a
connected device listed under <uicontrol>Android Handset</uicontrol> or an emulated device listed under
<uicontrol>Android Virtual Device</uicontrol>) and select <uicontrol>Take Screenshot</uicontrol>. Note that
the captured screen isn't automatically saved or copied to the clipboard; you need to use the <uicontrol
>Save</uicontrol> or <uicontrol>Copy</uicontrol> buttons to preserve the image.</p>
<stentry>Recaptures the device screen. By manipulating the device and clicking <uicontrol>Refresh</uicontrol>,
you can easily capture a series of screen images.</stentry>
<stentry>Rotates the captured image 90 degrees counterclockwise. Successive clicks of the <uicontrol
>Rotate</uicontrol> button continue to rotate the image; two clicks turn the image upside down, for
<stentry>Saves the image as a PNG file in a location you specify.</stentry>
<stentry>Copies the image to the computer's clipboard.</stentry>
<stentry>Closes the Device Screen Capture dialog. Note that if you haven't saved the image or copied it to the
clipboard, the image won't be preserved.</stentry>