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<reference id="u_avd-offline-dialog" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Preferred AVD Offline dialog</title>
<shortdesc>The AVD specified by your run configuration is offline, but a compatible AVD is running. This dialog gives
you the choice of either launching the app in the compatible AVD or starting the specified AVD and launching it
<section>This dialog is only displayed if you attempt to launch an app on an emulated device (AVD) that isn't
running while there is a compatible emulated device already running. The three buttons in this dialog allow you to
do the following:</section>
<stentry>Ignore the suggested AVD(s). Launch the AVD specified in the run configuration, and then install and
run the app on that AVD.</stentry>
<stentry>Cancel the app launch.</stentry>
<stentry>Deploy the app to the chosen AVD and launch it, rather than using the AVD specified in the run
configuration. Note that the OK button is disabled if you have not yet selected a running AVD.</stentry>
<section>There is also an option to "Update configuration to use selected AVD". If you select this option, the
Device field in the run configuration will be changed to the selected AVD, ensuring that future runs of that
configuration will deploy to the selected AVD automatically.</section>