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<!DOCTYPE task
PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Task//EN" "../dtd/task.dtd">
<task xml:lang="en-us" id="t_log-files-collecting">
<title>Collecting log files</title>
<p>MOTODEV Studio allows you to collect Eclipse and MOTODEV Studio log files and package them into a single ZIP
<cmd>Select <uicontrol>Collect Log Files</uicontrol> from the <ph product="javame-studio javame-sdk webui"
><uicontrol>MOTODEV</uicontrol></ph><ph product="android-studio"><uicontrol>Help</uicontrol></ph> menu. </cmd>
<stepresult>The Collect Log Files dialog appears.</stepresult>
<step product="javame-studio javame-sdk webui">
<cmd>Using the <uicontrol>Directory</uicontrol> field, specify the directory into which the archive containing
the log files should be written.</cmd>
<info>By default, the log file is written to your home directory.</info>
<step product="javame-studio javame-sdk webui">
<cmd>In the <uicontrol>File Name</uicontrol> field, enter the name to be used for the archive file.</cmd>
<step product="android-studio">
<cmd>Using the <uicontrol>Output file</uicontrol> field, specify the path and filename for the archive file.
Because this is a ZIP archive, you may want to give the filename a <codeph>.zip</codeph> extension.</cmd>
<cmd>Select the log files that should be archived from those listed under <uicontrol>Log
<cmd>Click <uicontrol>Finish</uicontrol>.</cmd>