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<!DOCTYPE task
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<task xml:lang="en-us" id="t_emulator-view-closing">
<title>Closing the Android Emulator view</title>
<p>To close the Android Emulator view, click the white "X" in the view's tab. If the view was displaying at least
one running emulator, and no other view is still displaying that emulator, you will be asked if the running
Android emulator instances should be stopped as well. Click <uicontrol>Yes</uicontrol> if you want to stop all
of them. Click <uicontrol>No</uicontrol> to leave them all running. Note that emulators can continue to run even
though they aren't displayed in an Eclipse view or in an external window; simply re-open the Android Emulator
view to once again view and interact with the running emulators.</p>
<p>The Device Management view shows which emulators are currently running (the Status column displays "Online" for
each running emulator). You can stop individual emulators from this view, even if they are not displayed in the
Android Emulator view. Note that stopping all emulator instances does not cause the Android Emulator view to
close automatically.</p>