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<?xml encoding="utf-8"?>
| (C) Copyright IBM Corporation 2005, 2006 All Rights Reserved.
| This file is a specialization of DITA 3.0. See license.txt
| for disclaimers and permissions.
| This file is part of the DITA Open Toolkit project hosted on
| See the accompanying license.txt file for
| applicable licenses.
| The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) was orginated by
| IBM's XML Workgroup and ID Workbench tools team.
| Refer to this file by the following public identfier or an appropriate
| system identifier:
| Release history (vrm):
| 1.0.0 Initial release, December 2005
<!--vocabulary declarations-->
<!ENTITY % ui-d-dec PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ENTITIES DITA User Interface Domain//EN"
"../../../dtd/uiDomain.ent" >
<!ENTITY % hi-d-dec PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ENTITIES DITA Highlight Domain//EN"
"../../../dtd/highlightDomain.ent" >
<!ENTITY % pr-d-dec PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ENTITIES DITA Programming Domain//EN"
"../../../dtd/programmingDomain.ent" >
<!ENTITY % sw-d-dec PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ENTITIES DITA Software Domain//EN"
"../../../dtd/softwareDomain.ent" >
<!ENTITY % ut-d-dec PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ENTITIES DITA Utilities Domain//EN"
"../../../dtd/utilitiesDomain.ent" >
<!--vocabulary substitution (one for each extended base element,
with the name of the domain(s) in which the extension was declared)-->
<!ENTITY % pre "pre | %pr-d-pre; | %sw-d-pre; | %ui-d-pre;">
<!ENTITY % keyword "keyword | %pr-d-keyword; | %sw-d-keyword; | %ui-d-keyword;">
<!ENTITY % ph "ph | %pr-d-ph; | %sw-d-ph; | %hi-d-ph; | %ui-d-ph;">
<!ENTITY % fig "fig | %pr-d-fig; | %ut-d-fig;">
<!ENTITY % dl "dl | %pr-d-dl;">
<!--Allow nesting of only cshelp infotype-->
<!ENTITY % cshelp-info-types "cshelp">
<!--vocabulary attributes (must be declared ahead of the dtds, which puts @domains first in order) -->
<!ENTITY included-domains "&ui-d-att; &hi-d-att; &pr-d-att; &sw-d-att; &ut-d-att;">
<!--Embed topic to get generic elements -->
<!ENTITY % topic-type PUBLIC
<!--Embed reference to get specific elements -->
<!ENTITY % cshelp-typemod PUBLIC
<!--vocabulary definitions-->
<!ENTITY % ui-d-def PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA User Interface Domain//EN"
<!ENTITY % hi-d-def PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA Highlight Domain//EN"
<!ENTITY % pr-d-def PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA Programming Domain//EN"
<!ENTITY % sw-d-def PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA Software Domain//EN"
<!ENTITY % ut-d-def PUBLIC
"-//OASIS//ELEMENTS DITA Utilities Domain//EN"