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<reference id="u_appvalidator-prefs-checkers" xml:lang="en-us">
<title>Android App Validator preferences - Checkers tab</title>
<shortdesc>The Checkers tab of the Android App Validator preferences dialog enables you to specify which checkers and
conditions the App Validator should validate your app against, as well as to fine-tune the operation of those
<p>This tab contains two list boxes, one beneath the other. The upper list box lists all of the supported
checkers, while the lower list box lists those conditions that are validated by the currently selected checker
(this lower list box is empty if a checker is not selected). To the left of each checker is a checkbox that
indicates whether the checker or condition will be run. By default, all checkers are selected; clearing a given
checkbox prevents that checker from being run when an app is validated. Note the <uicontrol>Select/deselect
all</uicontrol> control beneath the list of checkers; this applies to all listed checkers.</p>
<p>In addition to the checkboxes, you can click in the <uicontrol>Parameters</uicontrol> and <uicontrol>Change
Warning Level</uicontrol> columns for a given checker row to specify parameters and increase or decrease the
warning level for that checker. Similarly, for a given condition row you can click within the <uicontrol>Change
Warning Level</uicontrol> column to increase or decrease the warning level for an individual condition.</p>