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Linux Installation Instructions
1. Unpack the @@product_full@@ distribution archive that you downloaded to
where you wish to install the program. We will refer to this destination
location as your {installation home} below.
2. Open a console and cd into "{installation home}/bin" and type:
to start the application.
3. [OPTIONAL] Add the "{installation home}/bin" to your PATH environmental
variable so that you may start @@product_full@@ from any directory.
4. [OPTIONAL] To adjust the value of JVM heap size open @@product@@.vmoptions
(@@product@@64.vmoptions for 64-bit JDK), and modify the -Xms and -Xmx parameters.
[OPTIONAL] Changing location of "config" and "system" directory
By default @@product_full@@ stores all your settings under ~/.@@system_selector@@/config directory
and stores data cache under ~/.@@system_selector@@/system directory.
If you want to change these settings,
1. Open a console and cd into "{installation home}/bin"
2. Open file "" in an editor. You should find strings like
and change them.
3. Note that we recommend to store data cache ("system" directory) at a disk
with at least 1G bytes free space
-@@product_full@@ Development Team