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<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/tips.css">
You can comment and uncomment lines of code using <span class="shortcut">&shortcut:CommentByLineComment;</span>.</p>
<span class="shortcut">&shortcut:CommentByLineComment;</span> comments or uncomments the current line or
several selected lines with single line comments (<span class="code_emphasis">{#</span> in Django templates,
or <span class="code_emphasis">#</span> in Python scripts).</p>
Pressing <span class="shortcut">&shortcut:CommentByBlockComment;</span> for a selected block of source code
in a Django template surrounds the block with <span class="code_emphasis">{% comment %}</span>
and <span class="code_emphasis">{% endcomment %}</span> tags.</p>