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#! /bin/bash
# This script updates your IntelliJ IDEA CE installation from the latest compiled classes. This way you can easily
# upgrade your working IDEA to the latest changes.
# Before you run the script, ensure you have the following:
# 1. Your project for IntelliJ IDEA CE is fully built (do 'Rebuild Project' if you're not sure)
# 2. WORK_IDEA_HOME points to the directory of IntelliJ IDEA build you want to upgrade
# 3. DEV_IDEA_HOME points to the directory of the project you built at step 1
# 4. You quit IntelliJ IDEA
if [ ! -f "$WORK_IDEA_HOME/bin/" ]; then
echo "WORK_IDEA_HOME must be defined and point to build you're updating."
exit 1
if [ ! -f "$DEV_IDEA_HOME/build/" ]; then
echo "DEV_IDEA_HOME must be defined and point to source base you're updating from."
exit 1
echo "Updating $WORK_IDEA_HOME from compiled classes in $DEV_IDEA_HOME"
java -Xms64m -Xmx512m -Dant.home="$ANT_HOME" -classpath "$ANT_HOME/lib/ant-launcher.jar" \
-lib "$ANT_CLASSPATH" -f "$DEV_IDEA_HOME/build/update.xml" $TARGET
if [ "$?" != "0" ]; then
echo "Update failed; work IDEA build not modified."
rm -rf "$WORK_IDEA_HOME/___tmp___"
exit 2
rm -rf "$WORK_IDEA_HOME/lib"
rm -rf "$WORK_IDEA_HOME/plugins"
cp -R "$DEV_IDEA_HOME/out/deploy/"* "$WORK_IDEA_HOME"
OS_TYPE=`uname -s`
if [ "$OS_TYPE" = "Linux" ]; then
cp -a $DEV_IDEA_HOME/bin/linux/*.so $WORK_IDEA_HOME/bin
cp -a $DEV_IDEA_HOME/bin/linux/fsnotifier* $WORK_IDEA_HOME/bin
elif [ "$OS_TYPE" = "Darwin" ]; then
cp -a "$DEV_IDEA_HOME/bin/mac/"*.jnilib "$WORK_IDEA_HOME/bin"
cp -a "$DEV_IDEA_HOME/bin/mac/fsnotifier" "$WORK_IDEA_HOME/bin"
cp -a "$DEV_IDEA_HOME/bin/mac/restarter" "$WORK_IDEA_HOME/bin"