Snapshot c91c9f73422a21e0a6d3020198ecc65cf2353de1 from idea/132.556 of git://

c91c9f7: let indices do intersection, avoid manual VirtualFile enumeration
6eb1cec: Added formatter on/off tags to Eclipse code style settings importer
72c2188: fix JavaDocCommentFixer now that most javadoc problems are highlighted on the first child of the comment instead of on the comment owner
63fc393: FinderRecPanel update
a3946ec: merge list model on update
6bc070a: typo
e99c26d: Live templates enhancement: do not use psi for dummy inserting
370a9e7: plugin installation: show sticky balloon
3fa8497: disable interval selection for expr chooser (IDEA-114510)
80c1fc4: fix JavadocInspectionQuickFixTest
a0163c7: fix test data
67a770c: CR-IC-2646
54bcee3: revert suggestions to create plain file until they're not so silly (create a.html or HTML file?)
e8c8835: xdebugger: method renamed
5d1ace4: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
46a5f0e: IDEA-113546 Suggest to create a plain file when creating a Java class with a suspicious name
c674398: IDEA-74901 Fold simple property accessors inline
a39b55a: Fix localhost problem on Mac OSX Lion (see Serge's comment in PY-7070).
2080f83: Fix ISE (PY-10880).
faaea76: do not unnecessarily write inspection settings
617824b: IDEA-113940 Enter in comment leads to inconsistent caret position
b21a51b: fix test data
0138fec: don't suggest Math methods inside a Math method call (IDEA-114408)
7b4ed13: AppCode: initial folding tests + tests for OC-8400 fix + correctly merge @import and #import in one block
e7a8a0d: Github: use prefix for @TestOnly functions
f00f1e9: Github: rename setting
a8695ad: IDEA-114069 (Add 'no package Javadoc' inspection)
18e8e7f: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
c039781: fix popup flickering under Darcula
7b3d333: javadoc tag completion in
38c2b90: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
33c6f68: new inference: tweaks to order additional constraints
2350ee1: fix tests
8cb52c8: replace conditional with if else: fix with variable and array initializer
ddeea16: new inference: infer from type pair with PsiType.NULL when not enough data is provided
ad4eead: new inference: prefer no vararg methods
818c2d0: more diagnostics for JavaChainLookupElement insertion assertion (EA-50180)
1ed5700: diagnostics instead of SIOOBE when checking completion copy consistency (EA-48732)
5978891: diagnostics instead of NPE when accessing disposed lookup (EA-48887)
7fdd985: let lookup iself hide when the editor is hidden (EA-40772)
cfdef3a: don't let rendering exceptions spoil completion state (EA-30289)
e1295ab: if type's class is invalid, display its invalidity diagnostics (EA-49843)
32b3b70: more diagnostics for TypeConversionUtil.getSuperClassSubstitutor (EA-49926)
36845f0: cleanup
a53e0ea: a bit more diagnostics for getText inconsistencies (EA-49937)
24bb290: use ensureValid (EA-50088)
e9066a6: Tooltip Error message  added for incorrect directory mappings in HgWorkingCopyRevisionsCommand
b6d6615: IDEA-114428 Clear-text Mercurial passwords in idea.log
94cc8b6: (EA-50303) - fixed.
d3cb622: IDEA-113936 Dependency autocompletion causes confusing behaviour when editing POMs
930727b: don't call exception-throwing equals in RecursionManager cleanup (EA-42400)
d3d8615: possible fix for testNonFinishedParameterComma
6b8a5fe: some params for RollingFileAppender
5dda4ae: fixed memory leak in Disposer in tests
a40cf24: RUBY-14125: fixed NPE in jsch. See jsch-ruby-14125.pch for changes
d096aec: Better topmost window evaluation, ModalityHelper is extracted in a separate class. Some warnings have been eliminated.
2c4d4ee: change resulting message level from "warning" to "information"
9bce39d: Internal actions for manual mac messages and modality testing.
6761eca: cleanup
119fcb0: javadoc
f4e2842: IDEA-114241 detect fileType when document is fetched
cd454f2: cleanup
51bd5d3: memory: manually cleanup files retained by
b28887a: cleanup
aaa74f2: Cleanup (typo; description added)
308c457: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
4b3647c: fixed PY-10995 properly, fixed broken test
e922738: IDEA-113483 (go to link target action)
cc6752d: categories added
82579d1: wording
2d67f77: tests: ignore sub-selections in tree view (IDEA-114301)
d02832e: plugins: always check filtered plugins as well as shown (IDEA-114393)
ea902b7: filter default methods on implement even if language level is less than 1.8 (IDEA-114157)
56ab3ce: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
08456cc: let's use rolling log file to prevent OOME in tests
cf608f8:  Gradle: plugin-ext package updated
41e6639:  Gradle: plugin-ext package updated
9eb98b3: Add boldness for keywords in completion list for YouTrack queries
24a4fec: CR-IC-2619 (test fixed)
6403ffa2: IDEA-114316 (Problem with "replace StringBuilder with String" refactoring)
ad5345b: IDEA-88958: Allow to mark directories as Excluded inside external libraries - committed again, NPE fixed
6d28206: toolbar toggle DumbAware
b9403aa: break words in complex identifiers when indexing (needed for CLJ-243)
95ae574: IDEA-113944: Make Jira version number matching more permissive
f719906: Update prefix extracting and inclusion logic in YouTrack completion
05a5e6e: realistic isIdeaProject() impl
f689a57: detailed diagnostic
0a6c97d: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
dc19395: revert Nik
30796da: Optimization: build(File, ProjectBuildingRequest) does not use cache. We need to call build(List<File>, boolean, ProjectBuildingRequest) instead.
9ef1ca7: cleanup
4361717: project leak
4a63408: Github: move function
e7e8d02: IDEA-114228 Github: allow to specify http connection timeout
f79d3ac: Github: fix tests
0161f7d: IDEA-114253 Github: fix json parse encoding
dcaa5bf: init WEB-9343 nodejs debugging hangs on rerun
76cf96a: myShouldKillProcessSoftly
89e3763: Use Messages.YES +review CR-IC-2621
ef1d96d: Remove all debug-specific code from annotator
c536400: Use shortcutsById(IdeActions.ACTION_DELETE) as shortcat set instead of CommonShortcuts.DELETE +review CR-IC-2620
8ff402f: allow to assign different shortcuts to SearchEverywhere
5f45530: AppCode: more custom icons, removed unnecessary file types
b077166: positioning and less classes and files to show
f5e4020: IDEA-113053 Gradle: Quick Documentation for standard gradle plugins is not shown if invoked from Code Completion popup
1b14b9e: activate editor if it is created in background (e.g. in settings dialog)
ba36d39: Platform: do not show unnecessary items in NavBar for single-module single-root projects
520e2f7: IDEA-111700 (Add inspection to check for unclosed resources)
1123eb0: OC-8394 Documentation not found
76c5679: [git] ignore tests until fixed.
bd31e27: [git] IDEA-114363 Remove AbstractHash implementation with HashImpl.
7f094c9: [git] remove unused methods & unused parameter
cef6103: IDEA-88958: Allow to mark directories as Excluded inside external libraries
651dd75: autotest delay is customizable now default is back to 3 seconds #RUBY-10517 fixed #PY-10711 fixed
db62af1: YesNo message — ability to pass project and doNotAskOption +review
2f241d3: Platform: patch updater fixed on Mac - UI hung due to out-ot-AWT LaF installation
93021c7: IDEA-113930 External System: please rename 'Refresh external project' action in Keymap (currently it is named just 'Refresh')
9b42e98: IDEA-56995 Disable code formatting per region using comments
16bc69c: Platform: obsolete welcome screen code removed
61d5d93: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
96011e5: Platform: unified frame background painting + avoid background blinking on frame initialization AppCode: disable lining background in AppCode
cb834be:  Gradle: plugin-ext package updated
87daa77: commons-io license added to libLicenses.gant files
c6e5be2: IDEA-113938 "Submit feedback" should pre-fill project and affected version
2edca81: IDEA-114360 Github: remove double borders for TextArea inside ScrollPane
307c6cc: run configurations: accept configuration creation over multi selection in project view (IDEA-114259)
4caf5f0: IDEA-114361 Github: use wrapper for error messages everywhere
7e453ed: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
417e906: test data fixed
69c2310: CR-IC-2619 (custom shell environment loader)
f88239e: CR-IC-2619 (custom shell environment loader)
80da277: make file writable before dfa replace fix (EA-47299)
952fb2d: prevent debugger fragment psi to be gc-ed and a plain java file recreated instead (EA-47504)
d7c0e64: diagnostics for malformed canonical text (EA-47528)
6ae92c8: cancel autopopup completion on injected editor invalidation (EA-47977)
23f2246: resource root replaced by source root to fix opening IDEA project in IDEA 12
3267a0f: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2c28bab: Add more robust prefix matching in YouTrack queries
141ea45:  Add check that repository was configured in annotator
ee4c57c: save default visibility for method extracted from public one (IDEA-114292)
0edb272: restart infer nullity procedure after library addition (IDEA-114163)
7bf6e77: warn about usages of final fields in another fields even if they appear after constructor where it would be definitely assigned (IDEA-114280)
6d6b73b: attempt to fix compilation
337b019: Overrides
f5ed92d: Overrides
651d279: io.netty.handler.codec.TooLongFrameException: HTTP content length exceeded 1048576 bytes.
1347fde: EA-50505 catch any exception
623ae2f: fixed PY-10995 Wrapping on right margin deletes code with slashes at the end of miltiline statements.
2a7d34e: out-of-process build: handle caches corruption in compile tasks run in IDEA
6ca2151: cleanup
97ad974: moved container extension point to platform
717785e: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
777c319: IDEA-113874 Gradle tool window: horizontal scrollbar is incorrectly displayed
420e6f7: cleanup
6126ecb: CR-IC-2522 BeforeCommitDialogHandler
1f81a14: Overrides, cleanup javadoc
58f4563: fix parameter info after generics (IDEA-114245)
99ab7e9: convert to vararg: avoid parameter change as long as possible (IDEA-114314)
a4eba61: new inference: take first equals bound
b8f2889: new inference: accept lambda expression as assignment context when implicit expression return is used
16c7eee: new inference: accept implicitly typed lambdas with already inferred param types as pertinent to applicability
e966dfe: avoid creation of same stubindexkeys more than once to fix assertion in
1991c30:  Add custom insert handler for completion items suggested by YouTrack intellisense
f670acd: IDEA-114317 Can't word-complete inside a string literal
2987cac: IDEA-114015 Scrollbar preview is twice as big as it should be +Exception fix
f0a5ba1: library roots tree: simplified
59efb8d: make GroovyIconProvider non dumb-aware to avoid costly non-cancellable resolve during indexing
8542da1: prevent NPE after stub-ast mismatch cleanup (EA-38568)
0a02886: EA-50000 diagnostics
a51b052: drop griffon cache on root change
aede353: IDEA-113935 Gradle: Import Gradle Project adds a new module to the last imported project
70ba178: new project wizard: project type tree
8888a07: add setOriginalFile call for WI-20127
0137c4d: safe delete dead code
27910e0: IDEA-114216 Can not uncheck breakpoint in breakpoints popup and impossible to close this popup
6cf369e: Use Messages instead of JOptionPane.
1b4d85e: Register shortcuts of Remove/Edit Maven run configuration on Maven Tool Window, non global.
95189d7:  Add possibility to install completion provider on TextFieldWithAutoCompletion after its instantiation
e4e5451: ExternalToolPass#doApplyInformationToEditor uses ModalityState.stateForComponent() for highlighting in modal dialogs
f1061e2: Add support of YouTrack queries completion and highlighting (via external annotator) in its connector
f8ea705: Bug fix. Disable action if Run configuration is not selected.
f928f11: debugging unresponsive p4 server in tests
cfdc1c3: EA-50446 (code fixed; test coverage increased)
2271277: memory leak fixed
d129223: revert assertion
4d98880: Find usages optimisation to get first usages faster. When searching for usages of 'm', first scan files which contain the name of the container of 'm' (e.g. 'PsiManager' if we are searching for PsiManager.getInstance() usages), and then all the remaining files. This optimisation relies on the correct implementation of com.intellij.codeInsight.ContainerProvider for particular language.
dd87e23: cleanup, tiny optimisation
4329d27: NPE
092bd7f: cleanup
5f5ca20: cleanup, tiny optimisation
1bbf4a7: fix test data
d40723c: fix test data
f1b431a: swap ifs for theoretical performance increase
cd25ef3: add language="JAVA" for PackageInfoWithoutPackageInspection
eb2b5af: platform: loading multi-line env variables [by dennis]; tests added
3625b6f: IDEA-114294 BackSpace key doesn't work in GoTo Class/File/Action
287b7fd: memory leak in tests fixed
317c863: IDEA-114309 Groovy: Pull Members Up: references to super class members accessed via 'super' keyword are incorrectly updated - dot is left
84cb062: IDEA-114264 more accurate script checking
155c0af: make a request instead of bombed test
27df426: extract jdk8-specific dfa test
4542fe6: restored API of MultiMap
bc51077: xdebugger: some usages of impl methods replace by API calls
1386870: darcula inactive selection
1b2f06c: identifier under caret colors
06b1117: IDEA-114332 Dotted line looks ugly under Retina (7u40)
093f634: rollback lense mode
bdb25c1: fix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
f50b856: fix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
99d87f1: fix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
465d7df: fix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
95f058b: fix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
e0ad5ac: fix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
9ecde9f: fix yellow code producing by CommonDataKeys
10c7d44: platform: disk space monitor moved into dedicated component
2bb5b35: ignore enum vals references from switch statements?
a0bd7a0: forbid Object == primitive comparison for java 8; flipped
fc4466e: new inference: allow to infer from return type with wildcard substitution
a1cf88f: forbid Object == primitive comparison for java 8
e6ea7bc: accept type arguments on raw types for > 1.6 javac
52fea51: new inference: retrieve return type from containing lambda
88e5617: new inference: find current method
340cae7: Lense mode "EAP" preview
4724515: CE module path fixed
78ec20b: CE project files updated by IDEA
91b97ed: IDEA-113594 (OpenJDK notification refined)
f3cc029: new "'' without 'package' statement" inspection
ffe104b: ignore case
16f14ae: Minor optimization (empty map creation avoided)
56a5a31: IDEA-114283 (diagnostic)
7c39901: Cleanup (system dir write-ability is checked earlier)
14b9a63: platform: path manager update
aa8b642: correct path to module
c11b33d: moving jps-launcher.iml under module content root
adc2749: missing optimized file manager diagnostic
5172410: spelling fixed
08bc0b6: GetFileNameInTargetRevision updated
bc10696: (IDEA-114096) Adding file to mercurial is slow - try to fixed.
d11cbd9: IdeaTestAssistant: fix nullable issues
9fa9303: IdeaTestAssistant: rationalize static fields
4089c01: cleanup
0149092: use ProjectFileIndex service directly
fb9275d: language level pushers can skip individual directories in order to allow e.g. JavaLanguageLevelPusher to avoid nonsource roots
86b4fd1: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
730fae3: check canceled
a46d585: Platform: NativeIconProvider -> NPE fix + dumb-aware +review @fokin
d32e9c8: Gradle: update bundled gradle version to '1.8'
cf911a5: Groovy: disable pulling members up to java class
5835e6a: IDEA-114289 Groovy: Pull Members Up: 'implements library interface' clause is not suggested it 'Members to be pulled up' list
614f4b4: synthetic reference list for type definitions
e08dc40: IDEA-74140 Improve support for large screens: Better Docking framework
6891652: hot keys removed
0b17509: Use DbPsiFacade everywhere in order to support LocalDataSources from different DbPsiManagers
4d1399c: [log] remove obsolete icon record
1846b5c: 'stringify' added
0378563: fix yet another AIOOBE caused by finally dfa
3a1ab0f: IDEA-114256 Completion popup should prefer option without prefix
f21968a: extend query names for java 8 (IDEA-113826)
8465d67: scopes: show java files without classes as file nodes in scopes view (IDEA-114223)
ad91fda: alternative id for javadoc inspection (IDEA-114198)
56cd851: IDEA-114273 "restore old layout" tip is misleading for new users and for those, who had tool window stripes hidden
c230007: IDEA-114288 New search button in toolbar doesn't behave like rest of the buttons
2cf8516: add git log icon
ce04652: + plain find icon
bfa4ff5: cleanup: stop spreading new empty arrays
d1e442c: removed java-psi on xml-psi dependency
e0bf519: cleanup
069d172: cancel find usages on usage view close
ded351b: SHA1 checksum fixed
079c20b: EA-49910 - AIOOBE: OrderByInJavaInjector.getLanguagesToInject
217ecd5: cleanup
0f3c17d: [log] Remove the obsolete icon
264acfb: [log] Fix a misprint in postponed refreshing of the hidden log.
50fe606: [log] cleanup
ce60cb6: IDEA-114160 (Inspection "Class with too many methods" may ignore overridden methods)
eb1101f: IDEA-114283 (diagnostic)
522ef99: Cleanup (single usage inlined)
be00f8e: remove obsolete dependent facet from module (jsf)
7ee2bba: jps-launcher module added
8619f20: IDEA-114287 Search control in toolbar disappears when second project is open
0306a23: don't add action if it's not defined
83d630c: Gradle: default daemon vm xmx option removed
566b4b3: Gradle: project imports changed
ee5c78f: fix table header (better font + force AA)
07ec5a9: IDEA-114130: class loader that loads annotation processors should have access to classes from tools.jar, but not to libraries used by jps build itself
5c158b7: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
c27c595: AllIcons: re-generate for proper sorting
0c02763: revert simplification
2a2b8a9: new inference: avoid resolve when possible
fe71df6: new inference: SOE prevention
c56a2a6: new inference: from default constructors
eb63e34: new inference: dirty fixes for wildcards
dfedfd4: new inference: more precise potentially applicable method detection
a2f6e65: CodeInsightTestFixtureImpl: reset caret position and selection on 'configure...'
9084737: Show goals as hint for Maven Run Configuration node.
1517564: Add "Edit Run Configuration" action to Maven Tool Window.
2d9eee2: reuse EditorImpl instance: one per JTable
b67f670: More CPU hogging fixes
83591d0: reuse DelegateColorScheme & improve color scheme change handling
3d10fc8: Arrangement: grouping panel visibility (cherry picked from commit 5b4776f)
c780a00: IDEA-108831 Display Maven configurations inside maven project window Update tree when run configuration has added.
78c3769: a bit faster dfa state merging by using identity set
582a31b: dfa: flush code block variables when leaving it via break/continue route
a28701a: IDEA-114190 Navigation bar font too small
3973423: + Search Everywhere ad
7c97806: enable Search Everywhere and disable toolbar
a8b2e8a: gaps in actions w/o location string
9919d05: IDEA-108831 Display Maven configurations inside maven project window Add "Remove Run Configuration Action"
b4a054f: Merge branch 'sudo-escaping'
82bfba2: correct title on Windows
692bc39: IDEA-114125 Groovy: Pull Members Up: an implements clause should not be available for selection if a target to pull it up is an interface in the clause
3c7ea2b: format annotation methods
a7eedf4: IDEA-112250 'remove unnecessary semicolons' in class body
e0d6c56: RUBY-14069 Expand template does not work properly match back to method delim in ruby
2dba3de: @Nullable
42f82c6: Fix ConfigurablesModifiedTest.testSearchableConfigurables
7215b82: Add missing @TestDataFile annotations
234eeaf: IdeaTestAssistant: do not suggest create files if both of it exists
7274df7: IdeaTestAssistant: fix test data path calculation
9211e8c: Emmet: fix OOBE
0746ee3: IDEA-65114 "Add Maven projects" cannot be undone Fix spelling in the error message.
c315931: IDEA-108831 Display Maven configurations inside maven project window Show icon for template configuration, use ProgramRunUtil to run the run configuration.
39e5e20: IDEA-114169 (false positive for non-intersecting throwers)
335436e: Cleanup (formatting)
cebb5b8: fix dfa offset management when handling possible exceptions in finally
25961fc: Gradle: resolve.contributor order fix
0a1a130: jps model serialization: use default (java) module source root type if type isn't registered
ea46a65: 15 files limit
0ecbbf7: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
1805aa2: dumb aware
80c5fc8: empty project type
447cdad: tests fixed
9929e0f: fix gaps in renderer in case of file colors enabled
3da1368: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
47c6c92: different layout algorithm in case of toolbar
fb0d106: Groovy: conflict detecting for pull members up
5498d8e: IDEA-114152 Groovy: Pull Members Up: it is not always detected that there are items in a pulled method that will be not available after the refactoring
21ac285: IDEA-114137 Groovy: Pull Members Up: JavaDocs are never moved
1250b91: IDEA-114124 Groovy: Pull Members Up: pulling declaration of multiple implementation up results in invalid code (comma is not removed)
43f86fc: IDEA-114036 empty gstring-contents in GStrings
03e1eed: cleanup closure completer
21dbd35: Merge branch 'svn1_8_new'
56fefb8: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
7351197: better font sizes + fix all warnings
62434c5: svn: Refactored "upgrade" for command line client - parse output in parallel with command execution
47979c3: Gradle: NPE fixed
82c6722: svn: Refactored revert client for command line - use utility method for event creation
9196b27: svn: Implemented "Change" (upgrade) action for command line client
34de171: extract method: suggest correctly capitalized name (IDEA-114102)
21c1306: new inference: simplification
f3063e6: dfa: don't merge by type states which have different eq states
1500c8e: dfa: merge states differing in one variable nullability
ee9b1f8: fix typo
5f8e1c8: [git] fix RefParserTest
4cb85d53: [log] Fix parser test: implement equals for SimpleCommit
7c38e36: [log] Fix graph tests: implement SimpleHash#equals
8a94a08: BeforeCommitDialogHandler +review CR-IC
e0b7636: cleanup
3abedac: cleanup
e018581: cleanup PropertyUtil
82f005c: register "Missing ''" inspection
b545c62: use the proper API in rename (IDEA-113698 Getter code generation removing "is" from getter method name)
ae5e145: [log] revert accidental commit
aa9bfa0: Use ExtendsListFix instead of custom "Make class 'Cloneable'" quick fix
061518a: Use ExtendsListFix instead of custom "Make class 'Serializable'" quick fix
b283d86: [log] Let GraphBuilder tests skip check leaf nodes for references
ba4cf8d: [log] create SimpleHash & SimpleCommit for tests to run w/o platform
e7404d5: [log] Disable VcsLogJoinerTest until date-order is supported
d6f768c: disable roaming for CachedDictionaryState, cleanup
16b2e10: [log] Optimize ref searching in GraphBuilder.append
94c7a41: Github: ask if host is trusted on checking credentials
5b7f0fc: Github: select 'Host' part of url for list of trusted hosts
64d03a1: Github: fix URL function names
8850c09: Github: add missing testGitExecutable
c4cb6bb: dfa: when merging states by instanceof, don't forget null equivalence
08b715b: IDEA-113710 Complete Current Statement broken for generic methods
b0af590: IDEA-113698 Getter code generation removing "is" from getter method name
6b0b1bc: unknown variables should not be nullable-enabled after instanceof
f32fb52: [log] Don't draw all references on the branches panel: limit by width
8f23cf0: [log] Fix module dependencies
9c50041: [log] Remove tests on the CommitParser, because it is a test-only parser
2387dc6: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
a0a4290: IDEA-114112 Pinned Database Tabs do not Survive "Close Others"
8a451e7: Add menu with Run, Debug, etc... items
b6db127: init AddToIcs action
ef5a356: cleanup
61bc344: cleanup
1559b62: Optimize updating of uplugin node.
cb83b48: IDEA-108831 Display Maven configurations inside maven project window Add Run Configuration node
a0a211b: new "Missing ''" inspection (first part of fix for IDEA-114069)
e69eff0: Fix utils.gant to build modules vcs-log-api/graph/impl
a7deb9a: [log] Split CommitParents into api & impl, and rename
22d743e: Better way of handling null (EA-50434)
7a7ac8b: IDEA-93868 No option to zoom in editor with keyboard
c0aa98d: cleanup
87513de: revert
657aca1: [log] Split VcsRef to api and impl
cc3137a: [log] Refactor VcsRefType: get ref types from log providers
f346cb2: correct order of prefixes in autodetection
5c65333: generalized implementation of platform prefix autodetection
403ea4e: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
d3c3cbf: EA-50430 - NPE: RefactoringConflictsUtil.analyzeModuleConflicts
95714d6: new inference: check for more specific only exact method refs
0af0ef5: new inference: isExact method reference fixed
f409c8c: do not log PCE
47e3a52: EA-50401 - CME: ElementBase.createLayeredIcon
261b854: EA-50388 - assert: PsiDocumentManagerBase.doCommit
a03acbd: EA-49729 - assert: MarkupModelImpl.dispose
2383e90: assertion for EA-50103 - AIOOBE: PersistentHashMapValueStorage.readBytes
5af81c2: cleanup
e6e84d3: synchronization
3f1d6b1: cleanup
cfb4463: restore old constructor
e6c352d: cleanup
2d5039f: Config file type icon
dc997b3: PY-10901 (support for pkexec added)
2b41af8: IDEA-113983 Fixed infinite loading on checkout working copy format dialog (if SVNKit is used) - use ModalityState.any()
527f077: [log] Refactor VcsCommitDetails
4784831: PY-10901 (premature deletion of entry file fixed)
7fc149e: leave language empty to get inspection to warn on empty files
b58ae8f: IDEA-114143 Sometimes tool window widget popup stays visible even if mouse is out of the window
add39bd: cleanup
f5a2a41: new X JavaBreakpoint works (except filters). Right now via adapter, it is enough for and it is not hack (well, actually, it is hack because we use adapters, but in any case our JS Debug process (and Ruby in the future and any other clients) can work via XDebugger API and all low-level details are hidden.
a2dfb54: getBreakpoints
465b6ba: cleanup
d281b64: BreakpointManager as PersistentStateComponent<Element>
1c82611: cleanup
c9a4879: cleanup
b3b32c4: better matching for settings
3c4a806: disposing
b370bc5: dfa: don't forget variable instanceof info when merging states
083da84: use identity map for more efficient dfa state copy lookup
c5e4339: cache eq pairs in StateMerger
81f4dd4: reuse StateMerger with its cache
3a8ab75: WEB-9383 Hide Emmet's CSS options when CSS file type is not registered WEB-9369 Enable/disable Emmet based on language
46f0330: simplification: DirectoryInfo are created for all directories recursively so it doesn't make sense to check parents in ProjectFileIndex
b3dd860: IDEA-113983 Fixed checkout from welcome screen (default project)
667c800: dfa: fix subroutine offsets when leaving finally via exception route
35af984: svn: Refactored repository url resolving for command line - use separate repository providers
4899a4f: Gradle: update bundled gradle version to '1.8'
f7fafce: groovy wizard steps refactored
a61df58: UnfairTextRange
900be54: JavaFX is back
21c7d10: IDEA-113844 (stacktrace in the plugins initialization error dialog)
237dfd8: allow to show non-project classes if nothing found in project
6c6ff3d: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
282d362: IDEA-50450 Gradle code insight
a5f9154: remove debug info from NameUtilMatchingTest
2684f01: simplify a constant condition
fce731c: remove @Nullable from PsiElement.getFirst/LastChild
0a4cd7a: don't cancel balloon and popup on editors actions
44be6ef: bytecode viewer: (c)
bfcab48: remove unused class
f6673c3: dfa: let commented tests reference requests
12ef808: fighting too complex methods: merge states which differ only in unknown variables
c0b7d5a: IDEA-114059 Remove 'Configure Assert/Check Methods' from Constant Conditions settings
2db1cd4: extract dfa-related completion tests to separate test cases
420b4d4: fighting too complex methods: merge states with complementing instanceof
3a5310d: GroovyCompletionContributor cleanup
dea8248: dfa: if a variable is not nullable-enabled, don't make it such
304a3b6: Merge branch 'svn1_8_new'
584cea2: temp disable tests
2ea47e3: new inference: move test
6210db9: svn: Implemented "Share Project" action for command line
c64c4ec: svn: Added "force" parameter to checkout client
6f46313: svn: Fixed http/https authentication for svn 1.7 command line in non-interactive mode
6da60f1: IDEA-113934 Forced all calls to svn command line be non-interactive (corresponding destroy process logic udpated)
052bd9a: IDEA-113934 Ensure ProcessHandler.destroyProcess() is not called from thread other than started the process (as some code flows lead to deadlock - destroy requires read lock, but command was called under write lock)
4cb7d5c: fix NPE on null language when file type is not language file type but highlighter returns language based tokens (e.g. form file type and xmlsyntaxhighlighter)
2c49d81: [log] Remove VcsLogLogger, use separate Loggers for each class.
85b5bfc: [log] rename vcs-log-impl.xml to vcs-log.xml
d081d87: new inference: avoid proper inference during constraint composing
bca2a62: new inference: order of the additional constraints
67705e8: new inference: fix isPertinent for implicit typed lambdas
de7e2ef: [log] Move the BasicVcsLogRefSorter from api to impl
7e7caee: [log] Move VcsLogManager from dvcs to vcs-log-impl
2488e96: [log] Split VcsLogSettings into api and impl, move xml config file
e126d42: 100k times loop should not be in dynamic Groovy
f3d5ff6: [log] Fix disposal of the VcsLogManager
855f2aa: Fixed escaping of sh arguments that contain "'" characters
ebba545: svn: Updated invokeLater for checkout dialog to use modality state
b49b08d: svn: Fixed checkout logic that assumed only 1.6 and 1.7 formats are known
0319948: made final
a17e5ad: assertion for not blocking EDT
be67cce: moved highlighters to java-psi
9528aae: cleanup
5f3a7f3: cleanup
8a25348: moves
19e1a97: made public
189184c: hide overexposed details
0c676b6: svn: Added supported format validation to checkout clients
1d16caa: svn: Made working copy format @NotNull in checkout client
c4ea074: [svn] Set up title + icon for "merge source" action in the constructor
320e6b3:  fix margins + titles bg
643d143: set background properly
b41105f: tests: case-insensitive rename test fixed
1ad88cb: excessive "Module" removed
549ff4e: excessive "Module" removed
25b1dae: new inference: collect input vars over SAM parameter types for implicit lambdas/inexact method refs
01a9ee7: test passed
0e16caa: fix NPE
1b899ca: memory leak fixed
aa86ffa: svn: Made checkout logic show only working copy formats supported by the current client (SVNKit or command line determined from settings)
15713d4: svn: Moved logic to show "Working Copy Format" dialog to SvnCheckoutProvider
1b49ff3: svn: Simplified logic for showing "Working Copy Format" dialog for checkout/share project (as dialog is only shown from AWT thread)
b0bccf7: svn: Refactored "Share Project" action to show "Working Copy Format" directly in AWT thread (before "run progress synchronously")
e9f958e: [log] Make Hash to be an interface, since it resides in the vcs-log-api
14c72cf: [log] Merge vcs-log-data and -ui modules into a single vcs-log-impl
8f1ea0f: [log] Don't refresh the log when it is hidden
c70bab6: svn: Refactored "Upgrade format" dialog logic - use instance instead of static methods
5c31597: svn: Removed unused parameters from checkout dialog logic
3067539: [log] cleanup
4ed949a: [log] remove unused classes
2569bb1: [log] move some painting classes from vcs-log-ui to vcs-log-graph
93f65d1: [log] merge vcs-log-common module to vcs-log-graph
9c4f3bf: [log] merge vcs-log-print-model module to vcs-log-graph
43783fe: [log] Rename packages to conform common com.intellij.* prefix
14eae48: [log] remove the debug MyTimer & usages
67aa7a2: [log] remove the unused manifest file
dd55b3a: [log] Move vcs-log modules from dvcs to platform
a57e7c1: [log] smaller round radius for reference labels.
3eefdac: [log] Draw root flags only on the BranchesPanel + better flags shape
f0ae24e7: Merge branch 'loki/newlog'
a5a3a2f: [log] Invalidate myLogData on refreshCompletely()
fe05113: [log] Show the same log portion as it were before refresh
455eba0: [log] better toString for CommitParents
c76df09: [log] Don't show "load more commits" at the end of the list.
3ab5449: [log] Protect against NPE: log the fact that the commit wasn't found
03bb150: [log] Fix NPE: don't set new refs to the LogData until it is ready.
e2a86b9: [log] Multiple fixes and refactorings in VcsLogDataHolder
62e2979: [log] show all remote branches in the BranchesPanel
8667571: [log] Fix NPE in the roots column (graph not fully loaded yet)
61b1b91: [log] Refactor refresh API
ae90745: [log] make sure we get the actual information about Git branches
5391362: [log] Sort reference labels
69a9a60: remove unneeded"implements"
0478fd3: convert to Java
b614447: [log] Show Git tags in the log.
9d7d0aa: [log] Better colors for reference labels + some customization
62c11d7: [log] Draw a thin stripe at the left of the table as root indicator
20253cd: [log] Draw root indicators (a colored flag) on reference labels
2a33113: [log] Store the reference to the current repository root in Branch
9bea851: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
40ebe22: [git] Temporary hack VcsLogJoiner
9093316: [git] Don't use short hashes in the log internally.
6298ef7: [log] Protect commit hierarchy against incompatible equals()
3f5457b: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
4db4e37: [log] Don't request diff in `git show`
c2d4f05: [log] Fix refresh button
001d5e3: [log] cleanup: variable names, toString, notnulls
71734a2: [log] Rename vcs.log.Ref to vcs.log.VcsRef to simplify find usages.
25434ee: [log] Support loading details in the multi-repo setup
0f36277: [log] Multirepository support (without additional details loading yet)
52b3e69: [log] VcsLogMultiRepoJoiner + test
96c1010: Request the author time from Git.
4dec888: [log] Protect against clicks below a short log.
991e3c0: [log] Fix AIOOBE for small logs
787c1b2: Register dvcs module services in the PlatformPlugin.xml & friends
6833223: Remove unused class (moved to TimeCommitParentsImpl actually)
c7165f3: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
6895998: Store the commit timestamp, and use TimeCommitParents everywhere
5ce3418: Simple test on VcsLogJoiner
7e928f3: Don't require VcsLogJoiner to load remaining part of the log
be86d28: Merge branch 'master' of into loki/newlog
86bab18: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
0434bf6: VcsLogJoiner: concat new part of the log with the old unchanged part
a36e596: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/loki/newlog' into loki/newlog
f313a02: add commit integrator
9a5af3d: add check what all new commits were loaded
5dcebce: fix declaration addCommits in VcsLogJoiner
2032449: Fix refresh button
eeed37a: Build graph for the not-loaded part of the log for go-to-commit
bc212bd: Make --date-order optional
903e46c: Introduce VcsLogJoiner to attach newly requested commits to the log.
ac677f7: Fix date parsing: git returns it in seconds
911dad2: reload the whole log on Refresh action
ba898e2: remove todo: no need to use file storage for mini-details
5e0916f: [vcs log] spend less memory for the whole log
c06f033: dispose the VcsLogDataHolder
285550f: [vcs log] Add async loading support to the DetailsPanel
9ad7348: cleanup
85aea63: cleanup: remove throws VcsException when it is not thrown
65cda77: [vcs log] Async loading mini-details and details
b380987: make VcsLogDataHolder disposable
d206b7f: already disposed
17b8c4f: read whole log from all branches
c77ba66: [vcs log] Remove some obsolete stuff
62c9fd3: [log] DRY, add ability to display show diff for multiple commits
fb46ebc: use the common logger instance
d0a704d: [vcs log] log the fact that a Node for a Hash wasn't found
fb619bf: Introduce a common logger category for the vcs log.
1c42fe9: Log: Separate hash+parents from commit details; refactor initialization
79104b0: Refresh the Log when Git repository changes
91dc1cf: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
045c07e: VcsLogRefresher: refresh everything or just refs; use for the button
55f9eac: javadocs
f082a212: GitRepositoryManager#waitUntilInitialized to let other components (especially GitLogProvider) wait for GitRepositories.
b3e009b: JComponent instead of JPanel
a810541: committer info
05195e0: better details pane layout
2fe2c49: simplify background setting
e37a124: Details panel initial UI version
2bcc332: DetailsPanel stub & Vcs Log Settings
a6c1c39: fix dependencies
abfddb5: cleanup
6b7fb6a: cleanup
fe365d1: [git log] introduce constants for table columns
676c733: [git log] highlight not only commit column, but all columns
bcd3ba6: cleanup
fc7beb5: remove extra abstraction (CommitCellRender is unused)
b9dd6ad: remove color customization
4b8741f: [git log] VcsLogGraphTable: extend JBTable, cleanup
f5913d2: [git log] Support multiple commits selection diff
4e58546: [git log] clean VcsLogGraphTable from editing/dragging stuff
4db4910: [git log] Changes Browser at the right of the table.
81c183e: fix style
cf8bde6: [git log] Split VcsLogController, fix dependencies
1b9202e: get refs from datapack
342ac77: cleanup
74bf582: move ui methods to VcsLogUi
6368ae7: move ui methods to VcsLogUi
9c0fcbe: move ui methods to VcsLogUi
4491441: move ui methods to VcsLogUi
dda7fb2: move hide/showAll to VcsLogUI: not a controller goal
3515255: no need to hide in background: it is quick
85bc642: remove double click handler: "load more" should be a separate row
b9e4cbb: cleanup
7e7b04b: get rid of DataPackUtils: move methods to the DataPack
b21072a: moves
696a504: rename module
53135a5: cleanup
36d89bb: [git log] Encapsule the cache in VcsCommitCache, remove CacheGet
8fe5966: [git log] Get rid of CacheGet, step 1: inline the separate usage
ee17fdb: [git log] unused
b4f3338: [git log] inline interface
5135904: [git log] rearrange, style, @NotNull
b4013d9: [git log] rename
a9c16a6: [git log] simplification move
1e4fcaac: [git log] DataPack: inline interface: unneeded abstraction
080aaf8: [git log] Get rid of the DataLoader
db82174: [git log] Remove refresh method: duplicates init()
ea06a08: [git log] Remove graph building timers: it is always quick enough
7e2964f: [git log] Remove CommitData: use VcsCommit instead
2332592: [git log] fix git4idea dependencies, move time measurement above
c4a5faa: [git log] move remainings of vcs-log-data to api & data-model
808c8f2: [git log] move CommitParser & friends to graph test source, since it is used only in graph tests now.
514939f: [git log] merge vcs-log-graph-model to vcs-log-graph
01ae6e5: [git log] don't preload all details once more + some refactorings
d151c69: [git log] rename UI_Controller to VcsLogController
ce6bd13: [git log] replace custom DataConverted with the DateFormatUtil
a0bc794: [git log] more moves
0701710: [git log] rename module swing_ui to ui
356718c: [git log] rename swing_ui to ui
2669aba: [git log] move ui stuff from ui-controller to swing_ui
7bdc349: [git log] style
65a06b1: [git log] rename
5207be4: [git log] Extract drag-n-drop support to a separate class
8de2755: [git log] delete more unused substances.
df9a4be: [git log] no need to update visible branches on branch label click.
805e8a2: [git log] more deletions of unused classes/methods
06b3718: [git log] Remove unused classes
ad5e658: [git log] rename class
368e824: [git log] move Hash tests in the same module as Hash
bff0af8: [git log] remove unneeded abstract test
eb2274c: [git log] CacheGet to extend SLRUCache
998aacc: [git log] remove InvertibleMap: not used
d61409c: [git log] not interactive yet => disable table row editing
d7e5ced: [git log] Disable old log if new one is enabled
2e4426b9: [git log] Replace MultiMap in favor of util.MultiMap
43ae31c: [git log] Remove Function: use com.intellij.util.Function
3d8d271: [git log] Remove ShortList: not used
33c71bd: [git log] Replace Executor by Consumer
967607e: [git log] Better indicator text
b9a8e1f: Git Log: Replace OneElementList by SmartList.
2beeb54: Git Log: temporary timer
03d716a: Remove git4idea.Hash in favor of vcs.log.Hash
fc88bdc: [git log] Use new GitCommit to query commit details
1a5f606: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
7ea3327: [git log] Fix layout: don't stretch the toolbar vertically
88d0e98: [git log] Limit initial history loading.
1af03a7: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into loki/newlog
590ab72: Revert making method public for hackathon
75f087f: Revert a hack for hackathon
3160a28: Revert the hackathon hack.
4bf6dc7: [git log] Display the "Loading" during the initial load process.
4443232: [git log] simplify: consumer is not needed, always in background
48fb4f6: [git] Don't read refs/remotes/origin/HEAD to remote branches.
88e36b0: Don't recreate MainFrame and other components on each refresh
ee33aa1: Remove deleted module.
eaec9f2: Git Log: shortcut for the refresh action
208af08: Git Log: make the toolbar looks like all IDEAs toolbars, use AnActions
a1575da: cleanup: remove unused/unneeded classes
d0e5178: Remove RefParser, since there is no refs reading anymore
63b5b4b: Make not closeable
4ac2971: Use git4idea standard framework to load refs
ac7da1b: Use git4idea standard framework to load commits
b213efd: select the tab on startup (for easier debugging)
aa54e5d: Git Log: disable interactivity
604a56e: VCS Log: fix module dependencies, be independent from Git
24b1484: Move [ideally] git agnostic GitAlk modules to dvcs
4f663cc: Remove unneeded files which came from GitAlk project: .idea, etc.
138bd41: Fix the compilation after integrating GitAlk & hackathon-git-log histories.
932dfa4: Merge changes made on hackathon
04ef0f3: Imported GitAlk project as a subtree. See for the original
c02fb85: NPE fixed
ae8367a: Display selected items in white
aeaaaab: add select insert place
19a99fb: report progress in UI thread
148b7d4: (Hackathon over) better appearance of APPLY commits
aa8f617: report progress
5945ac5: Applied supported
398a2a8: Only allow 80-cahr messages in tooltips
0e336f8: reword/fixup with conflicts
ded9efb: Selection works!
d499948: Fixup supported
6f02c63: turn on reword in backend
19e7aad: isInteractiveRebaseInProgress?
fee9156: Reword supported
d7ea6af: better assertion
05ef64a: NPE protection
f85d267: Fix rebase on topmost commit
9ef6dbf: Display cll editor
4234b8f: Always cherry-pick on ALT
792b529: style
c27ad46: Don't count edge nodes + sort refs
7e8eb3e: Initially load all commit data, hold the cache per project (don't clear it after each refresh).
653944c: Measure details loading time
21a72f2: A little better selection
0e1eb79: One more indexing problem fixed
756cd23: Getting rid of unneeded map
b2df80c: Fix CacheCommitDataGetter for fake commits.
f2e26cf: optimize: option to reuse previous Git output for RefReader and CommitParentsReader
101ec77: take fake commits from cache.
abc1817: More fixes in reordering
e38a2b8: fix graph selection
0a66e68: Moving top commit fixed
9c52242: Multiple reorders supported
b91a21d: Fix freezing during continue rebase in interactive rebase mode: use the Trivial Editor.
5418b1e: Reordering fixed
ad26591: Inserting nodes into proper rows
f3ee017: Ignore HEAD when displaying interactive rebase
2abef08: Special type for HEAD
2b25e4c: Fix finding commits of a branch
52922f0: Very basic reordering
7387787: New utilities for graph processing
3065276: Remember colors of refs.
11aedb1: Hide unlabeled commits + some basics for reordering
823942d: fix virtual file comparator in case of deleted files
1488bc6: ++ Compilation fixed
2d6fd1c: ++ Fix compilation
72d38d3: Do not show the same branch in two places: as interactively rebased and not at the same time
3105ab0: Use branch name in the rebase success notification if possible.
39cb72b: minor refactoring
dff52f8: Interactive rebase (not onto)
eb587d0: Fix columns width resizing after refresh
0060c21: Remove extra gap at the left of the branches panel
62e78a7: Invoke trivial editor on continue rebase if needed
3a0bc02: Conflict resolver for interactive rebase
dd6aa9e: Buttons for Abort & Continue rebase
6926432: Support cancelling interactive rebase
10e6fce: Rebase logic moved to controller
cf2129a: repaint branch panel on ui refresh
d6e306c: Don't display remote branches which point to the same hash as local ones. Repaint the branches panel on refresh.
229bbcd: Interactive rebase backend
4aaeac7: toString
38cd132: Better icons for toolbar
a45be67: Interactive rebase + Apply button
4d1b991: Highlight branches under interactive rebase differently
4ebd5c6: Keep highlighting in sync with selection
1cea8d2: Repaint fixed + background instead of bold font
e665ebc: Very basic interactive rebase (only displaying in the graph)
10a7643: Workaround NPE
3afe562: onto added to interactive rebase
109153e: Always updateUI from init() (after bg task is completed)
1829290: rebase: notify success
4349f3b: Don't refresh too often & don't force refresh from git status
fa98da3: Use Task.Backgrounable for lengthy tasks
69e5b03: Debugging NPE
8a3a210: Refresh the log after rebase & cherry-pick
4a99c18: Refresh the log on external events
50daede: Remove invalid assertion (by abreslav)
96dc201: Some rebase
0953049: Cherry-pick to label under cursor, if any
aea58aa: Cherry-pick
17c95ae: API for refreshing
e488a5c: Filter out remote branches, do not run action when no remote branch available
8106124: Always print request to the console
39bd34d: Correctly update UI after model changes: need to set new model
ed84a8b: Use GitActionHandlerImpl
c97f1b3: extract method
cca82d3: Don't show index and stashes in the log
c8f66b4: Fix DirectoryIndex exception on startup: make sure the Index is initialized before.
e13644f: disable modifications on the start of cherry-pick
95e3a14: Basic logic for fixup and rebase
ca2b231: showRefPopup extracted
1de85a9: Support dragging cancellation
64d16c1: Add branch name to "move" tooltip
8b66941: Select branches on "commit move"
c00a845: Support multiple selection + no drag handler on click
f6f64e7: Refresh button + fix really refreshing of the log: the data loader needs to be recreated
48d8a09: UI_Controller.getProject()
52cd7bb: Get GitCommit objects from Git, because we need the Changes.
874d4f7: Action framework
c3e3f9f: Wrap interactive rebase builder to guarantee UI updates
b63a88e: Controller returns many services
dc6dbf5: Interface moved
ce25618: Sorting selected commits by row index
b299e9c: Dragging multiple commits
ee8f09e: Hash -> Node
0ed8e70: Find row by hash
680288a: fix compilation after moves
6387801: Fix toolwindow icon sizez (13px required)
cc86620: Implement cherry-pick. Not tested.
6cf6f76: remove rebase handler
c13f164: InteractiveRebaseBuilder
2e78624: Merge branch 'master' of
bf103bc: add DataPackUtils
48210d0: Interface for git operations
d3f25c5: Add Git icon for the toolwindow
8c19dd0: println()
065ed2c: Showing icons and hints when dragging
8e75513: DragDropListener moved to controller
a813539: Fix branch label positions on the branch panel
e7c831b: remove stash tag
ec06fee: Merge branch 'master' of
6c0c7f2: add drawing for current branch selections
c6045bb: Show toolwindow on restart if it was previously showing
e786502: Exclude IDEA's system directory
6f962b3: Merge branch 'master' of
a14d648: add click actions for current branch selections
cb02d04: HACK: Do not change table selection on drag-n-drop
cb430f7: Add top panel with branch labels instead of a side table with them.
37df0c4: Merge branch 'master' of
4d0d57d: add CommitSelectController
7df0a82: Support for dragging and dropping commits
97968b7: Merge branch 'master' of
198fbab: select current branch commits
2e46688: PositionUtil extracted
cd31b47: Extract method
d894835: rename
165c401: rename
6250547: unused
0d3f297: Remove table header: looks nicer
66daa63: Display the log of the project repository, not the working directory
98864f2: Reformat to IDEA conventions
0bd2091: Merge branch 'master' of
50b96f4: load 1000 commits
c268e89: MainFrame is not a frame anymore.
14df6c4: Intergrate GitAlk graph into IDEAs toolwindow
cd89f11: Add GitAlk sources
c9a70ed: save all
84f5b35: Create fake initial toolwindow under git4idea plugin
d7b3c71: fix dependents
0c0e20d: new GraphDecoratorImpl
741af3d: create new GraphDecorator
eaa5c61: add jump to row
61150ce: update UI
ce5ef13: remove old not use function & set normal order in UI_Controller interface
91fdd44: fix draw refs
e9519ea: (update UI)/2
ec5ad4a: fix bug connected with not hide EDGE_NODE
2ae545f: remove old code
8b03060: include new RefTable
d97fdd6: add RefTreeTableModel
4b1b5ec: move refs from swing_ui to ui_controller
554fd4e: move left buttons to graph tab
9787ec0: add RefTreeCellRender
bb0ef13: add HEAD not hide, if all is hide
04fbae4: add RefTreeModel
29db1fd: Add RefTreeTableNode
e735107: Ref.Type -> Ref.RefType & add RefType.ANOTHER
d6bd988: add test for hide & select branches
57a8ea5: add show button
04ad370: add GraphModelTest
f9d85f3: fix not show tags
a40c468: fix bug with branch visibility & hide fragments!
aa81cd5: unhiddenNodes -> isUnconcealedNodes
308b478: Get -> Function
f849d07: Edge.Type -> Edge.EdgeType, Node.Type -> Node.NodeType
ddaa3c9: remove GraphFragment.isVisible()
d19d418: Replace -> updateRequest
64185b1: add show progress dialog
eb91ddb: update ErrorFrame -> ErrorModalDialog
ca6e856: add crazy git log test
9cae49a: add MaxFragmentSize in ShortFragment
1e802d3: remove double preload commits
d8d1b2f: fix end load commit
30243ca: add hide/show long edges
ea995ab: add arrow support
2cc9be4: fix long draw line
ba42869: add main_jar
6fb21ee: load more commits use double click
56c4651: fix partLoader
87ea19e: fix partLoader
b11badc: fix hide important nodes
0375ce8: fix branch show update
20ca7ca: fix update Table
725b7be: rebase swing_ui & create new main module
d685a78: remove print parameters from ui_controller
ab4ecb7: rebase ui_controller
4df74c5: DataPack.getRefModel -> getRefsModel
ddfe4a7: add method getCommitNodeInRow to Graph interface
addd6ec: add CommitDataGetter.getCommitData(Hash)
a86f97f: add DataPackImpl
d8db4da: add DataLoaderImpl with template for DataPackImpl
d4e1a46: add new module: data_model & new CommitDataGetter
483991c: graph_model exported graph
b27f3b8: controller.CommitDataReader & RefReader -> git_reader module
30c4942: add commitHash to CommitData
0689f97: add CommitReaders
b82b42c: add new module git_reader
b73511b: CommitParents -> interface +SimpleCommitParents +TimestampCommitParents
7ae3e79: Commit -> CommitParents
7940d77: fast Node.getDownEdges()
fef8631: fix graph test
7fb99f5: commit -> log_data
12a935b: move Hash -> common module
e6567e5: fix ref model (tag shows)
25b7d8f: fix hide End_Commit_Node
c2df981: fix branch bad nodes
057eefa: fix ref model & addedButton
dff4a60: change throw message in RuntimeGenerateCompressedList
77c11f5: fix bad graph update in GraphModelImpl
01d57fc: fix up/down in FragmentGraphDecorator
17b5445: add unhidden nodes
df5a0e1: rewrite Replace class
eb501a7: add method generateFirst to Generator
fbc56f2: fix updateGraph
499d794: change around for new API graph, commit, graph_model
ade982a: change set argument of GraphModel.setVisibleBranchesNodes to Get boolean function
0e5bffc: add first realisation of GraphModel
1d423f2: fix wrong request up/down in FragmentGraphDecorator and add's test for FragmentManager
d687d30: fix wrong request up/down in FragmentGraphDecorator and add's test for FragmentManager
2bbe19e: moved test utils to graph package
cf3d4d3: change Hash.toString() to toStrHash()
abb7570: add new module graph_model Fragment generators move from graph module
8ca2b96: remove old test in Graph
c9a8fc6: add MultiMap
865a774: add support of append commits in Graph
d9c2063: fix graph fon new Commit
a7fcf5e: replace Commit to simple Commit, with list of parentHashes
5e2c6eb: new graph with GraphDecorator
031bffb: fix low hide all operations
04826a6: NewGraph => Graph
f3332e7: remove old Graph
b683fd6: fix select upper fragments
650c4d2: fix hide middle refs
6f9815b: add hideAll
378ffa1: fix hidden if branch hidden
a5555f6: add support unhidden nodes
4798f8a: add first version of full FragmentManager
5f56fad: add downShortFragment generate
e6127b3: fix double edge from up - down in Fragment
4473715: fix numberOfBranch
a9d5317: add stupid realisation og GraphFragmentController for new graph
80d9925: move GraphStrUtils to src
06c340a: add support unhidden objects
75889b5: new GraphFragment & test for FragmentGenerator
747a200: Branch.getUp/DownNode & several changes in testUtils
95513d4: add branch show/hide capability
68658da: GraphBuilder returned MutableGraph
c4d27d5: fix depend of Branches in Graph
7e4872c: returned to Graph.getNodeRows()
c007bd5: fix bad integer index in MutableGraph
94d962f: add usage OneElementList in MutableCommit
31f23e6: return to concept with upEdges & downEdges saved in Node
09988bc: add GraphAdapter(NewGraph -> Graph) & test for NewGraph
073d2f2: add GraphBuilder for NewGraph
07d8365: fix conception in MutableGraph
c4e0fba: fix ElementVisibilityController.isVisible()
489d199: fix Branch equals & hashCode
d19e145: change class Branch & fix test
bbe6708: finished graph class
294686a: write code for EdgeController & ElementVisibilityController
eeea13d: added blank for newGraph
0006957: NodeRow.getVisibleNodes -> getNodes
c5fa941: Add InvertibleMap & first realisation & tests
516e7a3: fix null commit in preLoad list it happened, if row have empty commit
f3b8db0: add preload more commits
ce2542f: add CacheGet.addToCache(key, value)
a24b220: fix CacheCommitDataGetter
f016a56: fix new format input str make ProcessOutputReader not abstract & fix it usage
08a14b8: fix change Commit.getData()=>getParents() but not fix CommitDataGetter & not fix new format input str
5c4c37c: fix commits tests
d0cf6cb: Commit.getData() => getParents()
fc0b7a7: renamed graph subpackage
aab2eab: fix memory usage
4a35122: add OneElementList
d0d9692: add ShortList & test for it
96dc016: fix String build in CollitLogData fix clear Cache in Hash add simple memory usage test
81e910e: fix depends modules
4a5d57e: fix error shows
c8b5c12: add new Jar file & catch GitException
822b4f0: add ErrorFrame
a5737ee: create UI_Utilities
0a1b43a: fix color range
821ebe2: Add GraphUpdateListener
25c222c: move ProgressUpdater => AbstractProcessOutputReader
2160040: fix focus cell border draw
d135198: fix name package
023e7bd: fix hide branch labels
a0012a0: fix old bug
7f62eae: Refs draw update (bound + full patch)
8ccba0a: add draft all hider
a28c7f1: add center frame layout
9db5ea5: add draft progress indicate
feebb48: Add ProgressFrame & ProgressModel
9b1e971: rename Timer
82cd6f1: new Controller, but without progress updater
3c9802c: Add DataPack
60098f6: fix stupid function getGraphPrintCell in UI_Controller
1331cb1: rename method GraphCommit Cell.getPrintCell
588ff60: Add RefReader
b92f579: Add CommitReader & GitProcessFactory
5ff8abe: Add AbstractProcessOutputReader & GitException
cea9fae: fix bug with out of range in  recalculate, if request Replace.ID_REPLACE Add throw RuntimeException, if try build Graph, use empty list commits
0b9b254: refactor printmodel module
59046dd: refactor graph module
e639c4d: new Branch concept BranchNumber depends of first commit, which has this branch
54b30f5: remove ReadOnlyList
82eb4ae: refactor commits module & fix tests
cddd46b: create first jar file
a2fcd24: fix crash with 0 count select branches
ec54b91: add worker version of shows branch & remove CommitData log index
872788f: refactor UI_Controller
e2005d4: renamed controller -> ui_controller
880214d: prepare for update shows branches
9a7af7d: add draft version of branches selection(without graph branch selections)
8a5a869: common renamed in swing_ui module
e36e251: separate GraphTableCellRender to GraphCommitRender & AbstractPaddingCellRender
6b3c063: common renamed in swing_ui module
815d236: separate GitAlkUi to itself & Ui_GraphTable & stash GitAlkUi
a423097: Add RefTableModel
a002237: Refactor RefsModel
062c6c3: separate GraphTableCell => CommitCell(text + ref) & GraphCommitCell
301986f: separate UI_Controller & GraphTableModel
dec80a8: add refs draw
b9b99f6: add method GraphTableCell.getRefsToThisCommit()
fc11bb7: fix selected algorithm
74ba971: fix select trivial fragment (1 edge)
1c0a2ce: fix up edges
6749913: fix runner
7afe05a: add global Controller
cf8e336: Controller => UI_Controller
519c714: ParserRef => RefParser
ba417a5: fix swingui
13eda1b: fix createSelectController
9061bff: add isSelected in ShortEdge & SpetialCells
5ed2dce: Merge branch 'fix'
6c83a97: add realization & over()
bb2a86d: add PrintCellModel.recalculate()
9359d58: add GraphFragmentController.isHidden() & fix several NotNull annotations
572cc31: refractor UIController, but without realisation methods over() and click()
3471dac: fix returned type RefsModel.refToCommit()
706b25c: add Graph.getFragmentController()
304c754: add existedCommitRefs
2a61269: add
c73981f: add RefsModel & fis HEAD type
3902486: add RefsModel & fis HEAD type
3b1b8ab: add refs module
c7fc26e: refractor layout model => printmodel
6cd6ebc: new GraphFragmentController
2d3cc9d: remove old Pieces & add Fragment
1d9f56c: add graph pieces tests and fix several bugs
6eebd59: fix not full log graph build & fix tests
54de885: add SimpleGraphPiecePontroller
07ca143: create new module controller
3a504e2: controller => ui_controller
42142eb: rebase Graph (Create new MutubleGraph & more another changes)
f4f13b3: new Graph interface
cb02d4b: rename CellModel => LayoutModel
9807e61: GraphModel => Graph & fix set's younger branch
f0bcde9: add new gitLogParserTests
9d2beca: common refactor test's
0999c56: refractor Hash & add several tests
6d3c9a7: fix check Replace range's
987a51a: clear CacheGet
517e39b: renamed package: generatemodel => compressedlist
65fd64e: clean ReadOnlyList
fa55074: refactor RuntimeGeneratorCompressedList
141fff8: add test for CompressedList
796d6f5: remove RemoveIntervalArrayList
964ef21: GenerateModel -> CompressedList & add Replace class instead Interval's
dad42f7: clear Generator
950b299: update project options
60d86bb: add PartSaveGenerateModel
3681998: add jump to up Node, after hide branch
71127dd: remove old code
17fd887: fix generate SpecialCells
89810d1: fix crash update model
80be416: add swing part of Hide/Show
061b3ba: add controller part of Show/Hide branch
6521cff: add swingui module
053aaf2: fix Controller & add GraphTableCell
78d1efc: add module controller
fb1de35: add PrintCellRowModel
150381f: add test for CellModelBuilder
7c0c0c3: add builder CellModel
5d82474: fix description GenerateModel.update() & update() in FullSaveGenerateModel
af260b0: add printmodel
fcca396: add to NodeRow getRowIndex()
0add403: add LinuxTest Builder Graph (300M, 11s - log+commits 1,5s - build graph)
d431d48: add test for hide/show branch
0188932: add remove branch support
69eb783: add not check support hideBranch
0e47d79: add test for GraphModelBuilder
b340193: clean graph module (show/hide branch not supported now)
cb95989: idea modules.xml changes
572c8a7: save all
dbdd45e: graphmodel => new module graph
f40cd2d: fix test for commits
c5446ea: commitsmodel => commits module
c9f6356: common => new module common
3bd08e8: fix ReadOnlyList
c5f98e8: fix remove commitgraph
fe93d1f: temp cap swingui
d0308b6: add printgraph
f76c7fa: fix ? extends E in ReadOnlyList
c8ce27b: remove commitgraph
ae4cfab: calculatemodel => generatemodel & clear it
b6cbb27: do ReadOnlyList extends List
6a76e0f: remove bad pieces
de1a136: add builder for GraphModel (unsupported hide/show edges)
ac859fa: add graphmodel
fd77465: patch ReadOnlyIterator for <? extends T>
81d803b: Commit revided to Commit & CommitData
f1dcc2c: CommitData => CommitLogData
22043c5: add rows
9b38868: save state before refactoring
5307c76: add firstPartShow
290dd62: clean common's classes
c180656: all readonly => readonly package
036d6c4: clean commitmodel
7a84762: fix CacheGet periodical clear
4f18ce9: clean commitgraph builder
c83d594: *Node => node/*Node
1e6c9d9: clean hides => hidecommits
a63a8d7: clean order & renamed to ordernodes
cbe82ce: optimise search Commit in RowOfMode
881a5e5: fix color set
a76ea2c: fix hide commits with more childrens
18b8b23: uprgade draw line and width column's
e59f911: fix edges order
673ae3d: fix RowOfNodeCalculator(colors set)
67bf455: add Cache for Edges & RowOfNode
5fb1a97: add painer for SpecialNode's
6fc62c5: fix build specialNodes
8c9097d: fix HideCommitsCalculator
d327283: fix hide model
4b49283: add PartSaveCalculateModel
b08a86b: fix RunUI for new model data
2726ca8: fix TableCellRender for new commitgraph
413735b: rebase builder and adapter for commitgraph
432ed1c: add cap for hideCommitsCalculator
5e065c4: add orderNode Calculator
297a002: rebase commitgraph model
e8c0489: fix bug with assert readed commit
39c8f02: rebase Calculate model & add AbstractCalculateModel
3faab0d: add calculate model & simple Impl
31ab0ac: fix buildHideShowMap & add children commits
d12a10b: refactoring Commit & Add New Commmit Model
bfabd88: add new conception of commits & Commit.index() is Deprecated
126a2cf: rebase Commit interface (but not work countNewCommits)
7cba56a: fix title & improved appearance
af246ef: fix date show & commit node color
38224e5: rebase swingUI
0c53937: rebase commitgraph
86f26ac: fix bug with empty timeStamp
55bef75: add tests for GitLogParser
7800c6f: more refactoring changes (commitmodel)
85696ad: add swing UI
590dfee: refactor changes & fix bug CommitLineListAdapter
7eff2e9: add builder for CommitLineList (but without CommitLineListAdapter
cad20a2: add CommitGraph package
c82247a: add CommitNode, CommitList & Builder
10e6d36: add GitLogParserTest
476d346: add new CommitData & parser for CommitData
034c111: add HashTest
21f796e: add Hash
8cee0de: add CommitsLines
d48d8dc: add tests for CommitsTree & CommitData
1d79090: add parse of git log
0285217: Add Idea files
78e1980: Initial commit

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