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* Karolina Gawryszczak
* 18.10.2016
Library libmanager provides 2 function:
-> code_with_debug_info_t* convertGlsl(const char*, size_t, options_t*);
1. compiles GLSL source code in ES version to spirv code (using glslang tool)
2. makes some changes in compiled spirv code (using my class SpvManager; those changes depend on provided options).
3. decompile changed spirv code to source code in desktop version (using spirv-cross tool)
4. again, compiles source code in desktop version (again, using glslang tool)
-> void deleteGlslCodeWithDebug(code_with_debug_info_t*);
typedef struct options_t {
bool is_fragment_shader;
bool is_vertex_shader;
bool prefix_names;
/* Remaps all user declaration names to avoid names collisions between different GLSL versions
with default prefix or 'name_prefix' if given. */
const char* names_prefix; /* optional */
bool add_outputs_for_inputs;
/* Creates outputs for inputs with default or given 'output_prefix'. */
const char* output_prefix; /* optional */
bool make_debuggable;
/* Inserts variables prints. */
bool check_after_changes;
/* Check if changed source code compiles, using glslang. */
bool disassemble;
/* Return disassemble code after all changes. */
} options_t;
Simple library usage is shown in main.cpp program.
./main <vertex_or_fragment_shader_filename>
- script tests/
- script takes one argument 'step', which is a number.
Variable 'width' means how many files you want to test.
Files from (step * width) to ((step + 1) * width) will be tested.
- Creates output files in test/shaders/ directory.
Output file name: <test_name>.out3