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* Copyright 2014, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "ReplayRequest.h"
#include "GazerConnection.h"
#include "Log.h"
#include "MemoryManager.h"
#include "ResourceProvider.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
namespace android {
namespace caze {
std::unique_ptr<ReplayRequest> ReplayRequest::create(const GazerConnection& gazer,
ResourceProvider* resourceProvider,
MemoryManager* memoryManager) {
CAZE_INFO("Load replay request...\n");
// Request the replay data from the gazer connection
if (!resourceProvider->get(gazer.replayId(), gazer, memoryManager->getReplayAddress(),
gazer.replayLength())) {
CAZE_WARNING("Can't load replay request: %s\n", gazer.replayId().c_str());
return nullptr;
std::unique_ptr<ReplayRequest> req(new ReplayRequest());
if (req->load(memoryManager->getReplayAddress(), gazer.replayLength())) {
return req;
} else {
return nullptr;
uint32_t ReplayRequest::getStackSize() const {
return mStackSize;
uint32_t ReplayRequest::getVolatileMemorySize() const {
return mVolatileMemorySize;
const std::vector<std::pair<std::string, uint32_t>>& ReplayRequest::getResources() const {
return mResources;
const std::pair<const void*, uint32_t>& ReplayRequest::getConstantMemory() const {
return mConstantMemory;
const std::pair<std::string, uint32_t>& ReplayRequest::getResourceData(uint32_t resourceIdx) const {
return mResources[resourceIdx];
const std::pair<const uint32_t*, uint32_t>& ReplayRequest::getInstructionList() const {
return mInstructionList;
bool ReplayRequest::load(void* data, uint32_t size) {
// Parse the data fetched from the gazer connection
const uint8_t* ptr = static_cast<uint8_t*>(data);
ptr = loadStackSize(ptr);
ptr = loadVolatileMemorySize(ptr);
ptr = loadConstantMemory(ptr);
ptr = loadResourceIds(ptr);
ptr = loadInstructionList(ptr);
CAZE_INFO("Replay request loaded\n");
return ptr - size == data;
const uint8_t* ReplayRequest::loadVolatileMemorySize(const uint8_t* ptr) {
mVolatileMemorySize = *reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr);
ptr += sizeof(uint32_t);
CAZE_INFO("Volatile memory size: %d\n", mVolatileMemorySize);
return ptr;
const uint8_t* ReplayRequest::loadStackSize(const uint8_t* ptr) {
mStackSize = *reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr);
ptr += sizeof(uint32_t);
CAZE_INFO("Stack size: %d\n", mStackSize);
return ptr;
const uint8_t* ReplayRequest::loadConstantMemory(const uint8_t* ptr) {
uint32_t constantMemorySize = *reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr);
ptr += sizeof(uint32_t);
mConstantMemory = {ptr, constantMemorySize};
CAZE_INFO("Constant memory size: %d\n", constantMemorySize);
ptr += constantMemorySize;
return ptr;
const uint8_t* ReplayRequest::loadResourceIds(const uint8_t* ptr) {
uint32_t resourceCount = *reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr);
ptr += sizeof(uint32_t);
for (uint32_t i = 0; i < resourceCount; ++i) {
uint32_t resourceNameLength = *reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr);
ptr += sizeof(uint32_t);
const std::string resourceName(reinterpret_cast<const char*>(ptr), resourceNameLength);
ptr += resourceNameLength;
uint32_t resourceSize = *reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr);
ptr += sizeof(uint32_t);
mResources.emplace_back(std::move(resourceName), resourceSize);
CAZE_INFO("Resources: %d\n", resourceCount);
return ptr;
const uint8_t* ReplayRequest::loadInstructionList(const uint8_t* ptr) {
uint32_t instructionListSize = *reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr);
ptr += sizeof(uint32_t);
const uint32_t instructionCount = instructionListSize / sizeof(uint32_t);
mInstructionList = {reinterpret_cast<const uint32_t*>(ptr), instructionCount};
CAZE_INFO("Instruction count: %d\n", instructionCount);
ptr += instructionListSize;
return ptr;
} // end of namespace caze
} // end of namespace android