Fixed path in VirtualSwapchainLayer.json

In order for the vulkan loader to find it, the path must be
relative to the json file.

Test: Ran gapir on x86_64 successfully.

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  1. api/
  2. cc/
  3. client/
  4. cmake/
  5. cmd/
  6. framework/
  7. gapid/
  8. integration/
  9. internal/
  10. tools/
  11. vendor/
  12. .gitignore
  13. CMakeLists.txt
  14. CMakeProto.cmake
  15. do
  16. gpu.iml
  18. signatures.txt

Android gpu tools

The project holds the code for the android gpu inspection, debugging and profiling tools.

You can view the full documentation on here.

Interesting points to start from are: