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import ""

Package build contains types and variables used for creating builds.


const HostExecutableExtension = ""
const HostExecutableExtension = ""
const HostExecutableExtension = ".exe"
const HostOS = "linux"
const HostOS = "osx"
const HostOS = "windows"
var RepoRoot = func() Root {
	gopaths := filepath.SplitList(os.Getenv("GOPATH"))
	for _, gopath := range gopaths {
		if File(gopath).Join("src", "", "platform", "tools", "gpu", "build", "root.go").Exists() {
			return Root{Name: "repo", Path: File(File(gopath).Join("..", "..").Absolute())}
	panic(fmt.Errorf("Project could not be found in any GOPATH: %v", gopaths))

Root returns the repo-root of the project.

type Environment

type Environment struct {
	Intermediates File       // The intermediates directory
	Roots         RootList   // List of root directories.
	Keystore      File       // The path to the keystore used to sign APKs.
	Storepass     string     // The password to the keystore.
	Keypass       string     // The password to the key in the keystore.
	Keyalias      string     // The alias of the key used to sign APKs.
	Logger        log.Logger // The logger to emit log messages to.
	ForceBuild    bool       // If true, all build steps will be forced.
	Verbose       bool       // If true, logging should be verbose.

Environment holds the global environment configuration for the build.

type File

type File string

File represents the path to a file or directory.

func Path

func Path(segments ...string) File

Path returns a File formed from the joined path segments.

func (File) Absolute

func (f File) Absolute() string

Absolute returns the absolute path of this File.

func (File) ChangeExt

func (f File) ChangeExt(ext string) File

ChangeExt returns a new File with the extension changed to ext.

func (File) Contains

func (d File) Contains(f File) bool

Contains returns true if this directory contains the file f.

func (File) CopyTo

func (f File) CopyTo(dst File) error

CopyTo copied this File to dst, replacing any existing file at dst.

func (File) Delete

func (f File) Delete() error

Delete deletes the File.

func (File) Dir

func (f File) Dir() string

Dir returns the directory part of the File (without filename).

func (File) Exec

func (f File) Exec(env Environment, args ...string) error

Exec executes this File with the specified arguments.

func (File) ExecAt

func (f File) ExecAt(env Environment, wd File, args ...string) error

ExecAt executes this File with the specified arguments with the working directory set to wd.

func (File) Exists

func (f File) Exists() bool

Exists returns true if this File exists.

func (File) Ext

func (f File) Ext() string

Ext returns the extension of the file, including the ‘.’, or an empty string if the file has no extension.

func (File) Glob

func (f File) Glob(patterns ...string) FileSet

Glob returns a FileSet of all files matching any of the specified patterns.

func (File) Join

func (f File) Join(ext ...string) File

Join returns a File formed from joining this File with ext.

func (File) LastModified

func (f File) LastModified() time.Time

LastModified returns the time the file was last modified.

func (File) LookPath

func (f File) LookPath() File

LookPath looks for the file f on the system PATH, returning the absolute path to the file if found, otherwise an empty File.

func (File) Matches

func (f File) Matches(patterns ...string) bool

Matches returns true if the File matches any of the patterns.

func (File) MkdirAll

func (f File) MkdirAll()

MkdirAll creates the directory hierarchy to hold this File.

func (File) Name

func (f File) Name() string

Name returns the name part of the File (without directories).

func (File) RelativeTo

func (f File) RelativeTo(base File) string

RelativeTo returns the path of this File relative to base.

type FileSet

type FileSet []File

FileSet is a list of Files with no duplicates.

func Files

func Files(files ...File) FileSet

Files returns a FileSet formed from the list of files.

func (FileSet) Append

func (fs FileSet) Append(files ...File) FileSet

Append returns a new FileSet with files appended to fs. Duplicates will not be included in the returned FileSet.

func (FileSet) Exclude

func (fs FileSet) Exclude(patterns ...string) FileSet

Exclude returns the list of files in this FileSet that does not match any pattern in patterns.

func (FileSet) Filter

func (fs FileSet) Filter(patterns ...string) FileSet

Filter returns the list of files in this FileSet that matches any pattern in patterns.

func (FileSet) LastModified

func (fs FileSet) LastModified() time.Time

LastModified returns the most recent time any of the files were modified.

func (FileSet) Remove

func (fs FileSet) Remove(files ...File) FileSet

Remove returns a new FileSet with files removed from this FileSet.

type Root

type Root struct {
	Name string // Name of this root.
	Path File   // Root path

Root describes a named root directory.

type RootList

type RootList []Root

RootList is a list of roots.

func (RootList) Find

func (l RootList) Find(f File) *Root

Find returns the first Root that contains the file f, or nil if no roots contain the file.