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# Copyright (C) 2020 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the 'License');
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an 'AS IS' BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Find main reviewers for git push commands."""
import math
import random
from typing import List, Mapping, Set, Union
# To randomly pick one of multiple reviewers, we put them in a List[str]
# to work with random.choice efficiently.
# To pick all of multiple reviewers, we use a Set[str].
# A ProjMapping maps a project path string to
# (1) a single reviewer email address as a string, or
# (2) a List of multiple reviewers to be randomly picked, or
# (3) a Set of multiple reviewers to be all added.
ProjMapping = Mapping[str, Union[str, List[str], Set[str]]]
# Upgrades of Rust futures-* crates should be reviewed/tested together,
# not split to radomly different people. In additional to one rust-dev
# reviewer, we need one crosvm-dev reviewer to check the impact to crosvm.
RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS: Set[str] = {'', ''}
# Rust crate owners (reviewers).
RUST_CRATE_OWNERS: ProjMapping = {
'rust/crates/aho-corasick': '',
'rust/crates/anyhow': '',
'rust/crates/bindgen': '',
'rust/crates/bytes': '',
'rust/crates/cexpr': '',
'rust/crates/cfg-if': '',
'rust/crates/clang-sys': '',
'rust/crates/futures': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-channel': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-core': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-executor': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-io': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-macro': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-sink': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-task': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/futures-util': RUST_FUTURES_REVIEWERS,
'rust/crates/glob': '',
'rust/crates/lazycell': '',
'rust/crates/lazy_static': '',
'rust/crates/libloading': '',
'rust/crates/log': '',
'rust/crates/nom': '',
'rust/crates/once_cell': '',
'rust/crates/peeking_take_while': '',
'rust/crates/pin-project': '',
'rust/crates/pin-project-internal': '',
'rust/crates/protobuf': '',
'rust/crates/protobuf-codegen': '',
'rust/crates/regex': '',
'rust/crates/regex-syntax': '',
'rust/crates/rustc-hash': '',
'rust/crates/shlex': '',
'rust/crates/thread_local': '',
'rust/crates/which': '',
# more rust crate owners could be added later
PROJ_REVIEWERS: ProjMapping = {
# define non-rust project reviewers here
# Combine all roject reviewers.
# Estimated number of rust projects, not the actual number.
# It is only used to make random distribution "fair" among RUST_REVIEWERS.
# It should not be too small, to spread nicely to multiple reviewers.
# It should be larger or equal to len(RUST_CRATES_OWNERS).
# Reviewers for external/rust/crates projects not found in PROJ_REVIEWER.
# Each person has a quota, the number of projects to review.
# Sum of these numbers should be greater or equal to NUM_RUST_PROJECTS
# to avoid error cases in the creation of RUST_REVIEWER_LIST.
RUST_REVIEWERS: Mapping[str, int] = {
'': 15,
'': 15,
'': 15,
'': 15,
'': 15,
'': 15,
'': 15,
# If a Rust reviewer needs to take a vacation, comment out the line,
# and distribute the quota to other reviewers.
# pylint: disable=invalid-name
def add_proj_count(projects: Mapping[str, float], reviewer: str, n: float):
"""Add n to the number of projects owned by the reviewer."""
if reviewer in projects:
projects[reviewer] += n
projects[reviewer] = n
# Random Rust reviewers are selected from RUST_REVIEWER_LIST,
# which is created from RUST_REVIEWERS and PROJ_REVIEWERS.
# A person P in RUST_REVIEWERS will occur in the RUST_REVIEWER_LIST N times,
# if N = RUST_REVIEWERS[P] - (number of projects owned by P in PROJ_REVIEWERS)
# is greater than 0. N is rounded up by math.ceil.
def create_rust_reviewer_list() -> List[str]:
"""Create a list of duplicated reviewers for weighted random selection."""
# Count number of projects owned by each reviewer.
rust_reviewers = set(RUST_REVIEWERS.keys())
projects = {} # map from owner to number of owned projects
for value in PROJ_REVIEWERS.values():
if isinstance(value, str): # single reviewer for a project
add_proj_count(projects, value, 1)
# multiple reviewers share one project, count only rust_reviewers
# pylint: disable=bad-builtin
reviewers = set(filter(lambda x: x in rust_reviewers, value))
if reviewers:
count = 1.0 / len(reviewers) # shared among all reviewers
for name in reviewers:
add_proj_count(projects, name, count)
result = []
for (x, n) in RUST_REVIEWERS.items():
if x in projects: # reduce x's quota by the number of assigned ones
n = n - projects[x]
if n > 0:
result.extend([x] * math.ceil(n))
if result:
return result
# Something was wrong or quotas were too small so that nobody
# was selected from the RUST_REVIEWERS. Select everyone!!
return list(RUST_REVIEWERS.keys())
RUST_REVIEWER_LIST: List[str] = create_rust_reviewer_list()
def find_reviewers(proj_path: str) -> str:
"""Returns an empty string or a reviewer parameter(s) for git push."""
index = proj_path.find('/external/')
if index >= 0: # full path
proj_path = proj_path[(index + len('/external/')):]
elif proj_path.startswith('external/'): # relative path
proj_path = proj_path[len('external/'):]
if proj_path in PROJ_REVIEWERS:
reviewers = PROJ_REVIEWERS[proj_path]
# pylint: disable=isinstance-second-argument-not-valid-type
if isinstance(reviewers, List): # pick any one reviewer
return 'r=' + random.choice(reviewers)
if isinstance(reviewers, Set): # add all reviewers in sorted order
# pylint: disable=bad-builtin
return ','.join(map(lambda x: 'r=' + x, sorted(reviewers)))
# reviewers must be a string
return 'r=' + reviewers
if proj_path.startswith('rust/crates/'):
return 'r=' + random.choice(RUST_REVIEWER_LIST)
return ''