Snap for 5358809 from edacc06118be057718385f56dc056a0b2e576cd5 to studio-3.4-release

Change-Id: I80fa8660d9cbc34d2fcb7e2286a91273f6bdcdb5
diff --git a/base/ b/base/
index 02cff2a..2f1ade5 100644
--- a/base/
+++ b/base/
@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
 # This file is read by gradle build scripts, but also packaged with builder and
 # builder-model as a resource, for Version classes to read.
-baseVersion = 26.4.0-rc01
-buildVersion = 3.4.0-rc01
+baseVersion = 26.4.0-rc02
+buildVersion = 3.4.0-rc02
 # This counter should be incremented every time the api is changed in not backward-compatible way,
 # i.e. it should be incremented from N to N+1 only when the api is changed in a way that existing