edison: update u-boot binaries

This update add support for BPT generated
partition tables and drops gpt.bin

Includes these source commits:
	541858e edison: make power on write protection configurable
	b547979 fastboot: make GPT partitions verification optional
	996b9e7 edison: Add variables to kernel command line
	5f99566 brillo: Add erase userdata before recovery mode
	6f9233d Add more info to "fastboot getvar all" command
	32effe5 fastboot: Change gpt flashing to consider full images
	eb94feb Add indication when booting to the non-requested A/B
	56ec6fb edison: write the developer key to the security partition
	be08822 brillo: Invalidate slots before booting to recovery

Bug: 28252130
Change-Id: I78c27a40858102ce885cf169814f11a9babfdf1b
Signed-off-by: Stefan Stanacar <stefan.stanacar@intel.com>
1 file changed
tree: ee8ad4af0b09a4af4fc43093c63a39594c135a5d
  1. brunch/
  2. build/
  3. cli/
  4. debugging/
  5. pkgconfig/
  6. schema/
  7. tools/
  8. .gitignore
  9. Android.mk
  10. CHANGES.md
  12. NOTICE
  13. PREUPLOAD.cfg
  14. README.md

The Brillo Developer Kit (BDK)

This is the bdk which is used to build Brillo.

Directory Listing

  • cli/: The main body of code that makes up the bdk tool.
  • schema/: Specification for the user's project.xml files.
  • CHANGES: A log highlighting major features across releases.
  • VERSION: This file should be the source of truth of the version number for a checkout. It will be updated by Builders and used by tools needing version information.