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apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'jacoco-tools-base'
apply plugin: 'sdk-java-lib'
apply plugin: ''
group = ''
archivesBaseName = 'ddmlib'
version = rootProject.ext.baseVersion
dependencies {
compile project(':base:common')
compile libs.kxml
compile libs.protobuf
testCompile project(':base:fakeadbserver')
testCompile project(':base:testutils')
testCompile libs.easymock
testCompile libs.junit
sourceSets {
main.proto.srcDir 'src/main/proto'
main.resources.srcDir 'src/main/java'
test.resources.srcDir 'src/test/java'
protobuf {
protoc {
artifact = libs.proto_compiler
project.ext.pomName = 'Android Tools ddmlib'
project.ext.pomDesc = 'Library providing APIs to talk to Android devices'
apply from: "$rootDir/buildSrc/base/publish.gradle"
apply from: "$rootDir/buildSrc/base/javadoc.gradle"