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Android Studio ProfilerTester App

ProfilerTester is an Android app used by the dev and QA teams to test Android Studio profilers.

Setup Instructions

Open the project in Android Studio. Make sure you have the latest Android SDK installed.

Make sure CMake is installed: go to Settings, open Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Android SDK, click on the SDK Tools tab and check CMake. Click OK to install the tool.

To build the project, use Build > Make Project. If Gradle sync fails, make sure the distribtuionUrl in is still valid. Otherwise update it with a valid one from

Using the app

  1. Profile the app in Android Studio
  2. Use the primary dropdown to select the profiler you want to test
  3. Use the secondary dropdown to select the task to run
  4. Click the “play” button to run the task. Observe the profilers in Android Studio
  5. Click the “forward” or “rewind” buttons to swtich to another tasker or profiler

Exporting zip for the QA team

Whenever you update the app code or config, drop a zip so the QA team (who may not have Git access) can use it.

  1. In Android Studio, use File > Export to Zip File to generate a zip of the project files
  2. Delete the app/.externalNativeBuild folder from the zip file
  3. Copy the file to tools/adt/idea/manual-tests/res/perf-tools and overwrite
  4. Send a CL and check in the updated zip file