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#!/bin/bash -x
# Invoked by Android Build Launchcontrol for continuous builds.
# Expected arguments:
readonly out_dir="$1"
readonly dist_dir="$2"
readonly build_number="$3"
readonly script_dir="$(dirname "$0")"
# Grab the location of the command_log file for bazel daemon so we can search it later.
readonly command_log="$(${script_dir}/bazel info command_log --config=postsubmit --config=mac-experimental --auth_credentials=/buildbot/android-studio-alphasource.json)"
# Run Bazel
"${script_dir}/bazel" --max_idle_secs=60 test --config=postsubmit --config=local --config=mac-experimental --build_tag_filters=-no_mac --test_tag_filters=-no_mac,-no_test_mac,-qa_sanity,-qa_fast,-qa_unreliable --auth_credentials=/buildbot/android-studio-alphasource.json --profile=${dist_dir}/prof -- $(< "${script_dir}/targets")
readonly bazel_status=$?
if [[ -d "${dist_dir}" ]]; then
# Grab the upsalite_id from the stdout of the bazel command. This is captured in command.log
readonly upsalite_id=`sed -n -e 's/.*invocation_id: //p' ${command_log}`
echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0; URL='${upsalite_id}'\" />" > "${dist_dir}"/upsalite_test_results.html
# Create profile html in ${dist_dir} so it ends up in Artifacts.
${script_dir}/bazel analyze-profile --html ${dist_dir}/prof
exit $bazel_status