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#!/bin/bash -x
# Invoked by Android Build Launchcontrol for continuous builds.
readonly dist_dir="$1"
readonly build_number="$2"
readonly script_dir="$(dirname "$0")"
# Grab the location of the command_log file for bazel daemon so we can search it later.
readonly command_log="$("${script_dir}"/bazel info --config=coverage command_log)"
# Conditionally add --auth_credentials option for BYOB machines.
if [[ -r "${HOME}/.android-studio-alphasource.json" ]]; then
# Run Bazel with coverage instrumentation
"${script_dir}/bazel" \
--max_idle_secs=60 \
test \
--config=coverage \
${auth_options} \
--test_tag_filters=-no_linux,-no_test_linux \
--define agent_coverage=true \
-- \
//tools/... \
-//tools/adt/idea/android-uitests/... \
-//tools/adt/idea/ \
# We want to still attach the upsalite link if tests fail so we can't abort now
readonly bazel_test_status=$?
# Grab the upsalite_id from the stdout of the bazel command. This is captured in command.log
readonly upsalite_id="$(sed -n 's/\r$//;s/^.* invocation_id: //p' "${command_log}")"
if [[ -d "${dist_dir}" ]]; then
# Link to test results
echo "<meta http-equiv=\"refresh\" content=\"0; URL='${upsalite_id}'\" />" > "${dist_dir}"/upsalite_test_results.html
# Abort if necessary now that the upsalite link is handled
if [[ ! ${bazel_test_status} ]]; then
exit ${bazel_test_status}
# Create a temp file to pass production targets to report generator
readonly production_targets_file=$(mktemp)
# Collect the production targets
readonly universe="//tools/... - //tools/adt/idea/android-uitests/..."
"${script_dir}/bazel" \
query \
"kind(test, rdeps(${universe}, deps(//tools/base:coverage_report)))" \
| tee $production_targets_file \
|| exit $?
# Generate the Jacoco report
readonly testlogs_dir="$(${script_dir}/bazel info bazel-testlogs --config=coverage)"
"${script_dir}/bazel" \
run \
//tools/base:coverage_report \
--config=coverage \
${auth_options} \
-- \
tools/base/coverage_report \
$production_targets_file \
$testlogs_dir \
|| exit $?
# Resolve to sourcefiles and convert to LCOV
python "${script_dir}/" || exit $?
# Generate LCOV style HTML report
genhtml -o "./out/html" "./out/lcov" -p $(pwd) --no-function-coverage || exit $?
if [[ -d "${dist_dir}" ]]; then
# Copy the report to ab/ outputs
mkdir "${dist_dir}/coverage"
cp -pv "./out/lcov" "${dist_dir}/coverage"
cp -pv "./out/worst" "${dist_dir}/coverage"
cp -pv "./out/worstNoFiles" "${dist_dir}/coverage"
cp -pv "./out/missing" "${dist_dir}/coverage"
cp -pv "./out/fake" "${dist_dir}/coverage"
# HTML report needs to be zipped for fast uploads
pushd "./out"
zip -r "" "./html"
mv -v "./out/" "${dist_dir}/coverage"
# Upload the LCOV data to GCS if running on BYOB
if [[ "$build_number" ]]; then
gsutil cp "./out/lcov" "gs://android-devtools-archives/ab-studio-coverage/${build_number}/" || exit $?
exit 0