AIDEGen: Refactor is_target_module method from to

The method is_target_module is better to belong to module_info class than to
project_info class.

Bug: 135572339
Test: 1. aidegen tradefed -n
         rename core.iml to _core.iml, dependencies.iml to
      2. m aidegen;aidegen-dev tradefed -n
         contents of core.iml should be the same as that of _core.iml
         and that of dependencies.iml is the same as _dependencies.iml
         as well.
         If you have installed kdiff3 you can try
         kdiff3 tools/tradefederation/core/_core.iml tools/tradefederation/core/core.iml
         The two files' contants are the same.
         kdiff3 tools/tradefederation/core/_dependencies.iml tools/tradefederation/core/dependencies.iml
         The two files' contants are the same.

Change-Id: Iedbb86550ec8732db26e9e85995964bcc732478d
5 files changed