AIDEGen: aidegen_functional_test add upload binary test use case function.

Try to run use cases of AIDEGen when uploading binary by making use of
aidegen_functional_test. Add a special group of use cases' tests to run
by using aidegen_functional_test. We need to run aidegen_functiunal_test in which is triggered by when aosp/943977 is ready.
We can easily change use cases by just modifying verify_binary_upload.json.

Bug: 137343144
Test: 1. Patch aosp/1094929.
      2. m aidegen and copy aidegen-dev to prebuilts/asuite/aidegen/linux-x86
         and rename to aidegen.
      3. m aidegen_functional_test;aidegen_functional_test-dev -b
         all tests passed!

Change-Id: I5dc73cc7a8fbb29de421632eed65db23adda36e8
6 files changed