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Asuite IntelliJ plugin


How to build/install the plugin

Build: $./gradlew jar

The artifact will be generated at build/libs/asuite_plugin.jar.

Install: Place the asuite_plugin.jar into the IntelliJ/config/plugins directory. The typical path of IntelliJ is /opt/intellij.

Debug in IntelliJ: Edit configurations -> use + to add a Gradle configuration -> fill

gradle project:Absolute path of asuite_plugin

Tasks: :runIde

Quick run in IntelliJ sandbox: $./gradlew :runIde

Quick start

  1. Click Atest button, the Atest tool window shall show up.
  2. Fill in the test module.
    • Enter a target module, e.g. aidegen_unittests.
    • Or fill target path with check test_mapping checkbox, E.g. tools/tradefederation/core.
  3. Click Run, the test result will be shown in Atest tool window.