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# Copyright 2018 - The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
r"""Custom Exceptions for acloud."""
class DriverError(Exception):
"""Base Android Gce driver exception."""
class ConfigError(DriverError):
"""Error related to config."""
class CommandArgError(DriverError):
"""Error related to command line args."""
class GceOperationTimeoutError(DriverError):
"""Error raised when a GCE operation timedout."""
class GetGceZoneError(DriverError):
"""Can't get GCE zones info."""
class HttpError(DriverError):
"""Error related to http requests."""
def __init__(self, code, message):
self.code = code
super(HttpError, self).__init__(message)
def CreateFromHttpError(http_error):
"""Create from an apiclient.errors.HttpError.
Parse the error code from apiclient.errors.HttpError
and create an instance of HttpError from this module
that has the error code.
http_error: An apiclient.errors.HttpError instance.
An HttpError instance from this module.
return HttpError(http_error.resp.status, str(http_error))
class ResourceNotFoundError(HttpError):
"""Error raised when a resource is not found."""
class InvalidVirtualDeviceIpError(DriverError):
"""Invalid virtual device's IP is set.
Raise this when the virtual device's IP of an AVD instance is invalid.
class HasRetriableRequestsError(DriverError):
"""Raised when some retriable requests fail in a batch execution."""
class AuthenticationError(DriverError):
"""Raised when authentication fails."""
class DeviceBootError(DriverError):
"""To catch device boot errors."""
class NoSubnetwork(DriverError):
"""When there is no subnetwork for the GCE."""
class DeviceConnectionError(DriverError):
"""To catch device connection errors."""
class PortOccupied(DriverError):
"""Raised when open port fail."""
class DeviceBootTimeoutError(DeviceBootError):
"""Raised when an AVD defice failed to boot within timeout."""
class SetupError(Exception):
"""Base Setup cmd exception."""
class OSTypeError(SetupError):
"""Error related to OS type."""
class NoGoogleSDKDetected(SetupError):
"""Can't find the SDK path."""
class NoBillingError(SetupError):
"""Billing account isn't enabled."""
class PackageInstallError(SetupError):
"""Error related to package installation."""
class RequiredPackageNotInstalledError(SetupError):
"""Error related to required package not installed."""
class UnableToLocatePkgOnRepositoryError(SetupError):
"""Error related to unable to locate package."""
class NotSupportedPlatformError(SetupError):
"""Error related to user using a not supported os."""
class NotSupportedFieldName(SetupError):
"""Unsupported field name for user config."""
class CreateError(Exception):
"""Base Create cmd exception."""
class GetAndroidBuildEnvVarError(CreateError):
"""Can't get Android Build set environment variables."""
class CheckPathError(CreateError):
"""Path does not exist."""
class CheckGCEZonesQuotaError(CreateError):
"""There is no zone have enough quota."""
class UnsupportedInstanceImageType(CreateError):
"""Unsupported create action for given instance/image type."""
class UnsupportedFlavor(CreateError):
"""Unsupported create action for given flavor name."""
class UnsupportedMultiAdbPort(CreateError):
"""Unsupported create action for multi AVDs and specify adb port."""
class UnsupportedCreateArgs(CreateError):
"""Unsupported create arg for a specified AVD type."""
class GetBuildIDError(CreateError):
"""Can't get build id from Android Build."""
class NotSupportedHWPropertyError(CreateError):
"""An error to wrap a non-supported property issue."""
class MalformedDictStringError(CreateError):
"""Error related to unable to convert string to dict."""
class InvalidHWPropertyError(CreateError):
"""An error to wrap a malformed hw property issue."""
class GetLocalImageError(CreateError):
"""Can't find the local image."""
class GetRemoteImageError(CreateError):
"""An error to download the remote image."""
class GetCvdLocalHostPackageError(CreateError):
"""Can't find the lost host package."""
class GetSdkRepoPackageError(CreateError):
"""Can't find the local SDK repository package for goldfish."""
class NoCuttlefishCommonInstalled(SetupError):
"""Can't find cuttlefish_common lib."""
class ImgDoesNotExist(CreateError):
"""Image does not exist."""
class UnsupportedCompressionFileType(SetupError):
"""Don't support the compression file type."""
class LaunchCVDFail(CreateError):
"""Cuttlefish AVD launch failed."""
class SubprocessFail(CreateError):
"""Subprocess failed."""
class NoExecuteCmd(CreateError):
"""Can't find execute bin command."""
class ReconnectError(Exception):
"""Base reconnect cmd exception."""
class NoInstancesFound(ReconnectError):
"""No instances found."""
class FunctionTimeoutError(Exception):
"""Timeout error of decorator function."""
class ZipImageError(Exception):
"""Zip image error."""
class UnknownAvdType(Exception):
"""Unknown AVD type."""
class UnknownType(Exception):
"""Unknown type."""
class AdbDisconnectFailed(Exception):
"""Adb still be alive after disconnect instance."""
class UnsupportedLocalInstanceId(Exception):
"""Unsupported local instance id."""
class InvalidInstanceDir(Exception):
"""Invalid instance dir."""