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Android Automotive Developer Tools

AADevT contains tools for AA device developers to improve their productivity.

  • Fully unbundle from Android versions, and use the AOSP trunk based development model.

  • Bridge the app ecosystem for Android Automotive OS because device developers are the key producers for the core apps.

  • Leverage Android app developer tools that a few million developers use.

Dev Tools

This contains tools designed specifically to simplify the AA device development workflows.

  • to clone a git project for the unbundled development workflows in instead of the whole Android repo.

Chnage Reports generates a summary of code changes between 2 revisions. Which gives you a rough idea of changes on files and Lines of Code.

$ ./ ~/Android/android11-release remotes/aosp/android10-qpr3-release remotes/aosp/android11-release > sysui_gcar_android10-qpr3-release_android11-release.txt

System Performance Tuning

AAOS system performance turning is hard. Here are the tools to make it a bit easier for the device developers.

Android Virtual Device as a Development Platform