Provide a script to provide diff stats for sysui

This script would provide helpful feedback into how OEMs are extending
and customizing sysui and notifications. This information can
potentially be used to find the OEM pain points and make improvements to
make sysui/notifications easier to use.

Bug: 171257740
Test: ./ ~/Android/android11-release remotes/aosp/android10-qpr3-release remotes/aosp/android11-release
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Android Automotive Developer Tools

AADevT contains tools for AA device developers to improve their productivity.

  • Fully unbundle from Android versions, and use the AOSP trunk based development model.

  • Bridge the app ecosystem for Android Automotive OS because device developers are the key producers for the core apps.

  • Leverage Android app developer tools that a few million developers use.


This contains tools designed specifically to simplify the AA device development workflows.

  • to clone a git project for the unbundled development workflows in instead of the whole Android repo.

  • to generate a summary of code changes between 2 revisions. The output will be useful to discuss the pain points w.r.t. sysui/notif customization.

System Performance Tuning

AAOS system performance turning is hard. Here are the tools to make it a bit easier for the device developers.