Validation Tools

This is a collection of validation tools for better development & integration productivity for AAOS devices.

Validating new app releases

Incoming quality control is an important practice to prevent new technical debts added to risk the device development. These scripts illustrate a basic check for a new app bundle release against a known good virtual or physical device build. So that, you know what changed better & if they break any basic use cases.

  1. Prepare a new app release in a directory, a device under test reachable via adb & aapt is available in the shell environment.
  • As sometime mk file change the file name when copying XML files to the device at the build time, you can supply a CSV file to guide the script. The format is as:
  1. find & install all APKs in a given directory to a device via adb. Launch their launchable activities if any & capture screenshots. To use:
./ ${appDir}
  1. find & diff permissions XML files in a given directory against those on a device via adb. To use:
./ ${appDir} ${renameCsv}
  1. has all the commands above to make is easier to use.