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  1. FuncFuzzerTest.push
  2. HalHidlHostTest.push
  3. HalHidlTargetTest.push
  4. HostDrivenTest.push
  5. IfaceFuzzerTest.push
  6. LLVMFuzzerTest.push
  8. VtsAgent.push
  9. VtsDriverHal.push
  10. VtsDriverShell.push
  11. VtsHalReplayTest.push
  12. VtsSpec.push

VTS File Push Groups

As part of the test setup procedure, a VTS test can push a set of files to a target device. A list of files can be defined as a push group (i.e., a .push file in this directory).

A list of the predefined, basic push groups is as follows:

  • VtsAgent.push: VTS agent files.
  • VtsDriverShell.push: VTS shell driver files.
  • VtsDriverHal.push: VTS HAL driver files.
  • VtsProfilerHal.push: VTS HAL profiler files.
  • VtsSpec.push: VTS specification files for all HIDL HALs.

Based on those, the following push groups are defined where each group is for a particular test type:

  • HalHidlTargetTest.push: For target-side HIDL HAL test.
  • HalHidlHostTest.push: For host-driven HIDL HAL test.
  • HostDrivenTest.push: For host-driven test (both HIDL HAL and other system-level components).

The other push groups are fuzzing and record-and-replay tests:

  • FuncFuzzerTest.push
  • LLVMFuzzerTest.push
  • IfaceFuzzerTest.push
  • VtsHalReplayTest.push