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  7. template/

In principle, VTS test cases are co-located with their respective projects.

  • HIDL HAL Tests: test/vts-testcase/hal/<hal name>/<version> and hardware/interfaces/<hal name>/<version>/vts

  • Kernel Tests: test/vts-testcase/kernel

  • LTP: external/ltp

  • Linux Kselftest: external/linux-kselftest

  • VNDK (Vendor Native Development Kit) Tests: test/vts-testcase/vndk

  • Performance Tests: test/vts-testcase/performance

  • Fuzz Tests: test/vts-testcase/fuzz

  • Security Tests: test/vts-testcase/security

The files under this directory (test/vts/testcases) are only for: VTS codelab, template, tests for legacy components, and tests that are under development and do not have any respective projects.