Add FLOAT and DASH to verify proc file name

There is a case a proc file device has float and dash in its name
and it's a normal name. Therefore it should add FLOAT and DASH
so that VTS can parse them as a proper proc file device name.

Bug: 127229858
Test: run vts -m VtsKernelProcFileApi -t VtsKernelProcFileApi#testProcAsoundCardsTest
Change-Id: I580e892e50cb57bf8305c42b4475a840987c12df
Merged-In: I580e892e50cb57bf8305c42b4475a840987c12df
diff --git a/api/proc/ b/api/proc/
index 8a2c883..16d766e 100644
--- a/api/proc/
+++ b/api/proc/
@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@
                 | STRING
                 | COMMA
                 | PERIOD
+                | FLOAT
+                | DASH
                 | HEX_LITERAL'''
         p[0] = p[1]